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Backlight Photo Festival

Backlight is an international photo festival organized every three years since 1987 by Photographic centre Nykyaika in the city of Tampere, Finland. Backlight is one of the oldest and largest international photography festivals in Northern Europe. Backlight exhibits contemporary photography of social and global importance.

Backlight Photo Festival 2020 establishes a presentation space for works by creators of fine photographic art and explorers of the scientific world. In the photo and video works and installations the Backlight 2020 addresses the multidimensional relationship between art, science and new technologies.

The main exhibition of Backlight 2020 is Related Realities. The exhibition asks: How do different realities relate – or not – to each other? The Space Works exhibition explores and tests our relationship with outer space. The artists of the Visual Catalysts exhibition will present us how to affect to economics and consumption habits using art. Mater Semper (Certa) Est is Backlight’17-prize-exhibition about female identity by Bénédicte Vanderreydt. Light in The Tunnel exhibition brings international photographic art to the public space in the city of Tampere.