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Jussi Mäntynen – Tracks in the Forest

The sculptor Jussi Mäntynen (1886–1978) was an avid nature lover and outdoorsman who worked as the conservator and preparator for Helsinki’s Natural History Museum. The exhibition showcases his depictions of native Finnish wild life, its behaviour and anatomy. Ranging in style from realism to stylized synthetism, his sculptures feature a wide array of materials from patinated bronze and silver to various types of stone and gilded wood.

Photo: Raakkel Närhi: Jussi Mäntynen - Orchid (Moose Calf, det), 1930, silver, City of Turku Art Collection

Also two more exhibitions are on display at the same time at Tampere Art Museum 23.2.-19.5.2019:

The brothers von Wright
Taru Mäntynen - Visions of a Wanderer

23.02.2019 10:00