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OFF Tampere: Circus Ruska Festival – Temporary

Circus Ruska Festival: Temporary

Temporary is a circus performance that takes place in an urban setting. For the performance, the group was inspired by an old train turntable next to the train tracks, the ever-evolving city, their own individual and unique abilities, and the possibilites offered by the elements. One can see fast acrobatics on the ground as well as high up in the air. How well do old train turntables transform into a stage?

Free of charge!

Performances: Thu 8.8. at 16.00 and at 19.00, Fri 9.8. at 16.00 and at 9.8. 19.00, Sat 10.8. at 15.00 and Sat at 18.00

Duration 20 minutes

Address: Sokos Hotel Torni
Ratapihankatu 43, 33100 Tampere

08.08.2019 16:00-16:20
08.08.2019 19:00-19:20
09.08.2019 16:00-16:20
09.08.2019 19:00-19:20
10.08.2019 15:00-15:20
10.08.2019 18:00-18:20