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Tampere Theatre Festival: Man on the Moon

A journey through space and time, fuelled by love, fear and afro-futurism!

Eloquently combining storytelling with poetry, Keisha Thompson’s solo piece deals with her loving but complex relationship with her father.

When their communication through books, letters and symbols comes to an abrupt end, the daughter needs to find the courage to dive into her reclusive father’s world, a place buried deep in a profound sense of rootlessness and entangled in psychiatric issues.

In this affecting work, Keisha Thompson examines the ingredients of her identity, a twist in the family dynamic and the Black British female experience.

Performed in English.

You can find the main programme of Tampere Theatre Festival in English here: https://www.teatterikesa.fi/en/programme/main-programme/

07.08.2019 19:00-20:30
08.08.2019 14:00-15:30