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Knuutila Manor House

At the Knuutila Manor House, in the village of Siuro in Nokia, you can experience the idyllic charm of lakeside living and countryside tranquillity. The expansive old park, garden, dance pavilion, gazebo, arbour as well as the main building dating back to 1860 and the outbuilding completed in 1910 provide an atmospheric setting for meals and enjoyment.

The location by Lake Kulovesi offers a variety of opportunities for outdoor recreation, games, boating, fishing, swimming and guided tours of the area. We will take you on a nature trail deep into the woods, introduce to you Ossi Somma’s outdoor art exhibition, and recount the colourful history of the village, its districts and the manor itself. Comedian Mona Ratalahti will entertain you with side-splitting performances in which the audience gets to participate. In addition, you can go racing or fish spotting in canoes and rowboats. And rest assured, we will feed you good and proper. The Granary Hotel holds accommodation for up to 30 people.

Lukkisalmentie 49, Nokia, Suomi