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Laipanmaa area, located between Kangasala and Pälkäne, not far from Tampere is a versatile destination for hikers and campers. Some 30 kilometers of marked trails offer peace and quiet, as well as marshes, lakes, rugged views and variable terrain. The Elamo route (Elamon kierros) and Hirvijärvi route (Hirvijärven kierros) and the huts along the way are excellent for a day trip. Shorter routes include the Rajala nature trail (with its Action track), the Haltia and Sappee routes, starting from the Sappee centre. All routes are marked with blue signs.

Printable map of Laipanmaa (in Finnish)

Laipanmaan erämaa-alue, Iso-Laipantie, Kangasala, Finland