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Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma

Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma is located at the Laukontori Market Place by the river banks and the waters of lower Tammerkoski rapids and Lake Pyhäjärvi. The city’s Central Square Keskustori is just two blocks away from Laukontori. Kuuma is a two-storey building with a total floor area of 612 square meters. Being situated by the water, sauna-goers also have a chance to dip into lake Pyhäjärvi all year round.

Kuuma consists of a restaurant, a public sauna and office spaces. The building has a timber frame and the entire facade of the building is finished with a beautiful timber cladding.

Laukontori, Tampere, Suomi

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Tampere – die Saunahauptstadt der Welt

Tampere – die Saunahauptstadt der Welt

In Tampere gibt es mehr öffentliche Saunen als irgendwo anders in Finnland.
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