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Tohloppi tour skating track

Tohloppi skating track can be found on lake Tohloppijärvi in western Tampere. The track is travels the shoreline of the lake and is about 3,3 km long and about 8 meters wide. Tohloppi will open Finland’s first wakeboarding track for winter season 2019-2020 and it’ll be open year-round. In the summertime, the track will be used for wakeboards, water skiing or SUP boards. In the winter, visitors can have fun on the track with a snowboard or a “donut”.

There’s also a skate rental and café at the track. The rental shop offers high-quality tour skates, poles and shoes, to make the skating a pleasant experience even without own gear. The rental is open on weekdays at 17-20 and on weekends at 10-18. The café is open on weekends at 11-16. 

Tohloppi tour skating track is easy to reach even with public transport. There are several city bus lines with stops close to the lake, and it only takes 10 minutes!

There are four starting points along the track, with seats for changing on the skates. Throughout the season, there are also several events organized on the track, such as the candle light skating. Using the track is free for everyone, no charge is taken and the track is easy access. You can check out the track map in here

If you need to warm up after skating, there’s also a sauna by the same lake! 

Nahkatehtaankatu 12, 33270 Tampere