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Tampere in four hours
City & Culture

Tampere in four hours

Tampere is a wonderful city to see and experience even with a tight time frame!
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Winter fun in Tampere

Winter fun in Tampere

Even the snow and ice can’t stop you from having fun in Tampere!
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Is there a hole in the ice? Jump in!

Is there a hole in the ice? Jump in!

Swimming in the ice might sound crazy, but we love it!
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Live like a local

The hottest public saunas in Tampere

The hottest public saunas in Tampere

Tampere, the Sauna Capital of the World, is the city for sauna enthusiasts!
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Tampere Chamber Music

Yliopistonkatu 55, Tampere, Suomi

Valoa Festival

Tampere, Suomi

World Championships of Snow Tango

Keskustori, Tampere, Suomi

Moomin Museum Midwinter

02.03.2019 14:00-21:00
Sorsapuisto, Tampere

Tampere Film Festival

06.03.2019-10.03.2019 00:00-23:59

Supermessut fair 2019

Tampereen Messu- ja Urheilukeskus, Ilmailunkatu 20, Tampere, Suomi


The Moomin Museum and Tampere Hall offer a chance for 200 quickest Moomin fans to see the first episode of the new Moominvalley animation as a preview on the evening of the world premiere.
The world's biggest sauna event, the World Sauna Forum will be organized this year in the Sauna Capital of the World, Tampere! The Forum plays a significant role in promoting the collaboration between companies from Finland and all over the world by gathering everyone together and both offering current knowledge about the topic and helping people to meet each other to discuss about the future ideas and co-operations.
The Football Association of Finland decided the venues: Italian and Greek football stars challenge Finland in Tampere, and Finland - Bosnia-Herzegovina will be played in the Ratina stadium as well.