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Berry picking farms in Tampere Region


What would be a nicer way to spend a summer day, than by picking your own strawberries or other berries directly from the farm they’re growing in? You can find quite many berry farms around Tampere, and at least strawberries and raspberries are on the menu in these.


In just over half an hour drive from Tampere you’ll find the picturesque town of Hämeenkyrö, known for the lovely scenery known to inspire even the Nobel-awarded author F.E. Sillanpää. When you drive on the aptly named Maisematie (Scenery road in Finnish), you get to admire for example the lovely views over Sarkkilanjärvi lake. Along the road, there are also many berry farms where you can pick berries, buy fresh local produce and enjoy a nice summer day.


Yrjölä Farm offers lovely lakeside views and a possibility to pick strawberries. There’s a shop and cafeteria, where you get to taste for example the lovely soft berry ice made on the farm – it’s exquisite! The smile on the kids’ faces (and why not adults’ as well) will only get bigger when they see the cute farm animals ready to be pet, and the play areas to spend some energy in. Almost next door to Yrjölä, there’s the Nikkilä farm where ripe strawberries are waiting to be picked. Along the same road still, there’s another farm called Ylirautia, offering the possibility to pick strawberries. A small summer café and a playground with swings and a trampoline are ready to make your visit worthwhile.


Twenty minutes to the other direction from Tampere is the town of Kangasala, where you can find local food and berry farms. Berry farm Tyrnikka grows strawberries, highbush blueberries and buckthorn. The buckthorn can be self-picked or bought from the farm shop. Also located in Kangasala is MarjaPuntari which grows strawberries without any pesticides. During the season one can come and pick their own strawberries or buy them already picked from Kangasala market square or from Ahlman farm shop. 


Not far from Kangasala is the town of Pälkäne, where you can find some more berry farms. At Suttinen farm there is strawberry and raspberry to pick and there’s also a café, boutique and a farm shop where you can also buy the fresh produce straight from the field (it’s recommended to contact the farm before your visit to see if berry picking is possible). Käenniemi farm is also located in Pälkäne, offering strawberry picking and the option of buying berries.


Räsälä Organic Farm is a small gardening farm close to Valkeakoski. The farm offers berries for guests to pick or already harvested: blackcurrant, raspberry and buckthorn. Also other currants are available, as well as cranberries and saskatoon. Some vegetables are also grown at Räsälä, such as courgette, onion, potato, cauliflower etc. The veggies from the farm are always delivered fresh from the ground.


To see the full list of all the berry farms in Tampere Region, go to this page.