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Best places to take a Tampere selfie


Take a selfie!

To make the best of your visit to Tampere also on Instagram, here are some tips on the best places to snap a Tampere-selfie! Remember to use hashtag #visittampere.


Me and Tammerkoski rapids

Walk to Satakunnansilta bridge to take a picture of the rapids upstream, ie in the direction of Finlayson and Tampella. Walk from it to Patosilta bridge and take a picture of the rapids with the legendary Hotel Ilves and Tako’s factory chimney in the background. Walk to the other end of Koskipuisto in front of the restaurant Puisto. Arrange the rapids, the industrial buildings and the surrounding park behind you and take a selfie.


Me and the Näsinneula observation tower

Näsinneula is Tampere’s best known landmark and the second highest observation tower in the Nordic Countries (168 metres). A distraction-free selfie is most likely taken behind the tower, where you can also spot the Sara Hildén art museum. Stand by the concrete tower, place your head in a good position and take a selfie!
Laiturikatu 1


Me and the Näsinneula tower shot from the Pyynikki observation tower

The Pyynikki observation tower is located on top of the world’s highest gravel ridge. Climb the stairs or take the elevator up to the observation deck of the 26-metre tower and take a selfie with Näsijärvi lake and Näsinneula tower behind you. A doughnut selfie at the cafeteria downstairs makes the visit perfect.
Näkötornintie 20


Me and the houses of Pispala

Pispala is a breathtaking part of the city all year round. Head to the Pyykkimettä park on top of the ridge, by the Pispalanharju street, or position yourself on top of the Pispala stairs starting from the highest point of the ridge down to the lakeside. Make sure to get both the colourful houses and the glimmering lake behind you, and snap the ultimate Tampere selfie!
Pispalanharju 33


Me and the Moomintroll

The world’s only Moomin Museum is situated in Tampere Hall. You can also find an international Moomin reading library and a gift shop to decorate your very own Moomin selfie. The famous little statue of Moomintroll is located in Sorsapuisto park, next to Tampere Hall entrance.
Yliopistonkatu 55


Me and the tower hotel

The Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere is Finland’s highest hotel. Snap a selfie with the Tampere landscape behind you at the Moro Sky Bar, situated on the top floor of the hotel. If you want to have the hotel in the photo with you, head to the railway station track number 5. Strike a pose and take a selfie!
Rautatienkatu 25


Me and Ratina

From the window of Restaurant Periscope you can take a picture in the direction of Ratina, Lake Pyhäjärvi and Laukontori. You get to combine two things: good food and good selfies! In summer, the sunny terrace serves selfie takers even better.
Ratina Shopping Center, Vuolteenkatu 1


Koskipuisto (6)

Koskipuisto park

Koskipuisto, Koskikatu, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Moomin In Moomin Museum Laura Vanzo

Moomin Museum

Yliopistonkatu 55, 33100 Tampere
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Visit Tampere Girl Looking At Näsinneula Tower Laura Vanzo

Näsinneula Observation Tower

Näsinneula, Laiturikatu, Tampere
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Vuolteenkatu 1, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Pispala View Red Houses In Summer Laura Vanzo


Pispala, Tampere
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Pyykkimettä park

Pispalanharju 31, 33250 Tampere
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Visittampere Photographing Pyynikki Tower

Pyynikki Observation Tower and Café

Näkötornintie 67, 33230 Tampere
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visittampere evening view from sokos hotel torni aki rask

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere

Ratapihankatu 43, 33100 Tampere
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