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Easter is religious holiday and it is celebrated on the day of resurrection of Jesus. However, many of the Easter traditions are not related to religion. Easter is celebrated in the spring and the celebrations usually start from Palm Sunday. On Palm Sunday children decorate willow branches and knock on neighbors’ doors to wish good luck and happiness in exchange of sweets. People calm down for Easter on Good Friday as Maundy Thursday is usually normal weekday for workers. Easter is usually celebrated at home with family, but Easter is also time of winter holidays. Especially ski centers are crowded during this time.

Some traditional dishes are enjoyed during Easter. Finland’s Easter speciality is called mämmi, which is a dark, porridge like dish made out of malt and rye flour and it is accompanied by sugar and milk or cream. Pasha is another sweet dish which is enjoyed during Easter time. Pasha consists usually of quark and cream but there are multiple variations. The dinner table on Easter is decorated with ryegrass, daffodils, tulips, painted Easter eggs, Easter chicks or Easter bunnies.