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Changing exhibitions in museums


There are many interesting museums in Tampere, with both permanent and changing exhibitions – we have gathered here the current changing exhibitions, you can find more information on the permanent exhibitions from museums’ websites.


Exhibitions in Museum Centre Vapriikki

Punk came to Finland 40 years ago. Fanzines and Punk Mail will feature phenomena that arrived with punk. In 1977, there was a surge of alternative magazines, and this also marked the start of a culture of DIY ethic, which is still strong today. Punk changed the lives of many boys and girls living in small towns and the countryside, as it was not a markedly urban phenomenon in Finland. Exhibition open at Postmuseum 17.11.2017 – 4.11.2018.

The Finnish Museum of Games opens its show Disc Covers, which presents the diverse and rich subculture of personalized floppy discs. The floppy disks got secured with hand-carved and photocopied covers when enthusiasts from all over the world began to decorate their products in the 1980’s with a self-made disc covers.. The exhibition is open at the Vapriikki Finnish Museum of Games on 12.10.2018 – 6.1.2019.

At the Museum Centre Vapriikki the visitors get a glimpse of how it was at the time of the Vikings around the nowadays Tampere area. In the village of Tursia, people cultivated the land, traded, made sacrifices to the gods, and ate large amounts of pork. Both the Vikings and the Novgorodians sought the riches of the Häme wilderness; however, one small village of indomitable Häme folk still held out against the enemy… To celebrate the centennial of Finnish independence, the Birckala 1017 exhibition allows visitors to travel through time and visit a village in Northern Häme a millennium ago. Exhibition open until 16.3.2019. 

Marilyn – a Woman behind her Roles – Witty, creative and determined, Marilyn was very deliberate about building her career and image. The camera loved Marilyn and she became the most loved actress of the century. Vapriikki’s exhibition has over 300 of Marilyn’s personal items on display – including famous garments, shoes, makeup, jewellery, photos and film scripts – most of them from her Brentwood home in Los Angeles. After Marilyn’s death, the items were collected, packed and given to her acting teacher as instructed in her will. Exhibition open 8.6. — 2.12.2018.


Exhibitions in other museums

Hiekka Art Museum

Hiekka Art Museum presents an exhibition of the works of Catherine Val (n. 1924)  26.4. – 20.12.2018. Catherine Val has made a donation to the Hiekka museum, and from these works there will be Val’s sculptures and paintings from 1970’s to 2000.

Sara Hildén Art Museum

The upstairs exhibition of the Sara Hildén Art Museum is the first private exhibition of British artist Anj Smith. Exhibition Sea Lily, Feather Star is open 22.9.2018 – 20.1.2019 and will present 40 pieces of her art. Her works often combine the elements of landscape, portrait and layout. 

Downstairs exhibition presents pieces of classical art selected by Sara Hildén. The exhibition features early masters of modern art from Sara Hildén’s collection and classics of modern art. The works of the autumn exhibition of the Sara Hildén Art Museum reflect the changes in the visual arts of the 1960s and 1970s and the international trends.

The Police Museum

The Police Museum brings us the special exhibition celebrating the centennial year of Finland’s independence, Public order collapses 1917 – When hatred became a virtue and revenge a merit takes museum visitors through the turmoil of the birth year of independent Finland. What happens when opposing opinions divide a country and citizens no longer trust the authorities? 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of Finnish national police training and the establishment of the State Police School. The exhibition Formally qualified – a century of Finnish police education presents the history of police training in Finland, describing developments from the late 1800’s to the present day.

The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas

The Steam Engine Museum introduces the largest steam engine in Finland at its original location. The flywheel of the machine is eight meters wide and it has 1600 horsepower. The machine was used at the Finlayson mill in the early 20th century.

Exhibition Meirän kaupunki tells about the working life of the factory city in the decades of the 20th century. In the exhibition you can step into the cooperative shop or feel the workplace’s atmosphere. The exhibition is open until 31.12.2018. 

The Museum of Freedom is an exhibition which looks at Finnish society and the history of independence. The protagonists of the conducting exhibition are ordinary Finns and different minorities instead of greatmen.

Lenin Museum

The new exhibition in the Lenin Museum presents the shared history of Finland and Russia in a touching and critical way. Lenin Museum welcomes you to a fascinating tour to the events of the Russian Revolution, Stalin’s Gulag, the World War II, Finlandization and the Collapse of the Soviet Union. Lenin Museum has been operating for 70 years in a place where Lenin and Stalin met each other for the first time. The original home of the Soviet Union now open to public completely renewed.

Emil Aaltonen museum

At Pyynikinlinna, Emil Aaltonen museum presents Kalevaland – Crafts exhibition from Åland. The art in the exhibition have been inspired by the Finland’s national epic, the Kalevala. Kalevaland is open 8.9.2018 – 29.1. 2019. At the same time, you can visit the exhibition which salutes the leather industry and its history in the Tampere Region. SQIN is a story about the leather industry has evolved from big tanneries to the small enterprises and artisans of today.

Museum Milavida

Museum Milavida’s exhibition King of Finland tells about the background of the Finnish monarchy project and preparations for the Kingdom of Finland. You can see objects from the private collections that have been purchased or made in preperation for the Kingdom of Finland. The exhibition is open 9.2. – 28.10.2018. In addition to the exhibition 7 lectures about the topic are being held in museum Milavida.

Kimmo Pyykkö Art Museum

Painter Timo Vuorikoski presents in his exhibition Stazione di Venezia – Venetia by train pieces inspired by the train stations from artist’s travels in Italy. The works of Vuorikoski however, are not just traveling journals. Pieces include a great deal of information about conscious art history. The exhibition is open at the Kangasala House’s Gallery from 10.10. – 4.11.2018.

Photographic artist Pekka Luukkola introduces new ways of describing the Finnish landscape in his photo exhibition during 29.9.2018 – 20.2.2019. The photos showcase beautiful scenery around Finland, from sea to lakes and Lapland.

Sculptor Kimmo Pyykkö’s exhibition Elämänlanka opens the viewer’s eyes to the questions of life’s surprise, wear and tear. In the exhibition, the different culmination points, transitions and changes in life are shaped by bronze sculptures and relics. Poetry and verbalism are strongly present in the works. The exhibition is open on 29.9. 2018 – 6.1.2019, and guidance to exhibition is included in the ticket price on Sunday’s.

Serlachius museums

Gösta Art Museum

The modernist, stone-carved themes of Harry Kivijärvi (1931-2010) were part of the international success of Finnish sculpture in the 1960s and 1970s. Exhibition Time of Stone presents artwork from Kivijärvi and a six other artists who are continuing the tradition of stone sculpture. Like Kivijärvi each of them has found their own style of working with stone. Laura Könönen and Ville Mäkikoskela concentrate on urban design and culture in their pieces. The pieces of Aaro Heino are very original and reflect the content of life and constant change. Maria Duncker, Timo Hannunen and Anne Koskinen use natural stone and highlight it in their pieces. Exhibition is open 13.10.2018 – 14.4.2019. 

Pleasure exhibition presents the work of three front-line contemporary artists: Jukka Korkeila, Elina Merenmies and Anna Retulainen an their new paintings which interact with the pieces of Serlachius’ collection. Artists selected intuitively pieces of art from Serlachius’ collections and they created new works whose to be presented with them. The exhibition is open from 10.6.2018 to 4.11.2018.

Gustaf Museum

Playground is Elina Brotherus’ exhibition where new photos and video works are performative, absurd and fun. Pieces present a new side in Brotherus’ production. The exhibition is open 16.6.2018 – 6.1.2019. 


Voipaala art centre

Voipaala art centre in Valkeakoski offers a horrific exhibition Total Horror 15.9. – 4.11.2018. Horror is born from anticipation, when you suspect something terrible is going to happen soon. Horror is scares and fears dragging on from childhood, it entwines us in a wiggling feeling, locking us inside… Total Horror is a group exhibition that suits perfectly the darker season of the old manor house, boasting some ghost stories of its own. Paintings, video installations, sculptures and photos from Taija Goldblatt, HEMULOORDI, Hydra, J. A. Juvani, Anne Järvi, Emmi Kallio, Jenni Karhapää, Niina Kiiveri, Anna Pekkala, Ismo Torvinen and Liisa Tarleena Öhman.

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Museum Centre Vapriikki

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Sara Hildén Art Museum

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National Police Museum

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The Lenin Museum

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The Emil Aaltonen Museum

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