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Christmas Sauna in Tampere


In the Sauna Capital of the World, Tampere, you can enjoy a genuine Christmas sauna in many of the city’s saunas. What would be a more Finnish and nostalgic way of getting into the holiday spirit as enjoying a sauna bath by the lake? Here are the opening hours of saunas, put your Christmas hat on and visit all of them!


Rajaportti sauna

boasts a history beyond compare. You can enjoy a Christmas sauna in the oldest public sauna in Finland:

23.12. at 15-22
24.12. Christmas Eve at 12-18 
1.1.2020 New Year’s Day at 18-22
6.1. Epiphany at 18-22


Rauhaniemi sauna

is the place for you, if you like to enjoy a sauna by the lake:

24.12. at 11-16
25.12. at 11-17
26.12. at 13-20
31.12. at 13-20.30
31.12. at 23-01
1.1.2020 at 13-20
6.1.2020 at 13-20


Kaupinojan sauna

is another option for someone who wants a sauna with a lakeside view:

24.12. Christmas Eve at 10 – 14
25.12. Christmas Day at 14 – 18.45
26.12. at 14 – 18.45


Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma

is the newest public sauna in Tampere, offering an experience of tastes and feeling just a couple of steps away from the main street, by a lake. Kuuma will be open for sauna enthusiasts over the Christmas period:

22.-26.12. closed
30.12. at 11-14:30
31.12. at 11-01:30 (03:00)
1.1.2020 closed
6.1.2020 closed


Kaukajärvi sauna

offers season’s atmosphere as well:

24.12. Christmas Eve at 10-14
25.12. Christmas Day at 14- 20
26.12. Boxing Day at 14-20
31.12. New Year’s Eve at 14-00.30
1.1.2020 New Year’s Day at 14-21
6.1.2020 Epiphany at 14-21


Suomensaari sauna

offers a chance to enjoy a sauna and a dip into the lake a bit further from the city centre:

23.12. at 16-20
24.12. Christmas Eve at 9-12 (Christmas sauna)
25.-26.12. closed
27.12. at 17-21
28.12. at 14-18
29.12. at 14-18
30.12. at 16-20
31.12. New Year’s Eve closed
1.1.2020 at 16-20
6.1.2020 at 16-20


About half an hour from Tampere, in Ylöjärvi

Veittijärven sauna 

offers some soft heat to celebrate the season:

23.12. at 16-21 normal sauna
24.12. at 12-20 normal and smoke sauna
25.-26.12. closed
27.12. at 15-21 normal and smoke sauna
28.12. at 14-21 normal and smoke sauna
30.12. at 16-21 normal sauna
31.12. closed
01.01.2020 at 16-21 normal and smoke sauna


How would a little Christmas trip to the countryside sound? You can enjoy a genuine smoke sauna as well as a ordinary sauna at

Kauhtua sauna in Hämeenkyrö:

23.12. at 16-21 ordinary and smoke sauna
26.12. at 16-20 ordinary sauna
27.12. at 16-19.45 ordinary and smoke sauna 
28.12. at 14-17.45 ordinary sauna
30.12. at 16-20.45 ordinary and smoke sauna
1.1.2020 closed


Psst! Before you start your sleigh ride to sauna, please double-check the opening hours from the saunas’ own channels in case of any changes. 


Christmas Saunas

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