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City-opas – map & mobile app for Tampere & Region


By downloading the CITY-OPAS mobile app to your smart phone, you can access the Tampere Region tourist map service and much more!

With this app you can access the useful CITY-OPAS Tampere & Region tourist map service anywhere, anytime, whenever you need to. The app helps you find interesting tourism service providers on the map and gives further information and contact details for each. The app also contains information on events in Tampere and shows where they are located on the map.


Free of charge

The app is free of charge and easy to download from your Google Play or Windows Phone -store!


Offline functionality

The app is easy to download and once downloaded, requires no internet connection; the user therefore doesn’t have to worry about roaming charges. The user can go online, if they so wish, to browse companies’ homepages, or to see where they are located on the map. The app warns users in advance about situations like these, where internet is required.



The user has access to the maps of the Tampere and region. On the location service, the user can see their own location on the map.



Underneath this main subject, you can find the “Show nearest to me” service, which enables the user to find the service that they are closest to.



The destinations in the map service are conveniently divided under main subject headings such as accommodation, places to visit, places to eat, museums, shopping, information on the region, theatres and main events.


Comprehensive service

The app contains the location of the Tampere and region tourism service professionals on the map, their introductions, addresses, telephone numbers, opening hours and websites. The app also contains the Main Events in Tampere and the Welcome to Tampere section.


Easy to use

The user can switch between the main headings and company specific data using the Back button or the phone’s own back arrow button. The Call, Open website and Show on Map buttons can also be used to phone a company or switch to their website or location on the map. The Search function at the bottom of the main section is useful if the user wants to search for a service or operator by a specific word.



The whole app is available as separate easy-to-use Finnish, English and Russian language versions.


Printed map

The app’s information is based on the information contained in the printed Tampere & Region CITY-OPAS.  You can order the printed Tampere & Region CITY-OPAS tourist maps from Visit Tampere.