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Laukko Manor offers enchanting art exhibitions, fantastic park concerts and delicious food. Located in the most beautiful lake district The Manor has a long and eventful history, earliest mentionings in history books date to year 1416. During summer 2022 you can enjoy the lake views by taking a Silverline boat from Tampere Laukontori to Laukko Manor. And yes,  Laukontori did get it’s name from Laukko Manor serving the boat trafic between Tampere and Laukko in the early days, too!

If you’re looking for hidden gems, visit Pizzeria Makasiini In Vesilahti. This lovely restaurant offers delights for both eyes and your stomach. Open Fridays 3pm – 8pm , Saturdays and Sundays from 12 noon till 6pm.


Do you want to experience someting completely bonkers yet facinating? Welcome to Ponimaa (Ponyland). This old school building is hosting a collection of rooster whistles in the most colourful interior and a wide selection of animals in the yard for you to pet. There are ponies, goats etc.

In Orivesi you can find unique summer cafés like Amorinranta, Summercafé Pakari and Taiston talo. There is also a good selection of art, theatre, giftshops, dance halls and music to enjoy during the summer! Visit for exsample Art Exhibition Purnu, Rönni open air dance hall,  or Suvi Desing happening in July 16th and 17th in Purnu.


Want to try cable wakeboarding, beach volley, paint ball, hiking, biking, sauna by the lake or frisbee golf? All this and more is available at Peltomäki Resort! There’s also glamping, camping, caravan area and cabins for rent.

For a hike in the beautiful nature with old forest lakes and marshes Seitseminen National park is an excellent choice. In August Outdoor Express will organize bus transfer to Seitseminen on Sat 13.8, Sun 14.8, Sat 27.8 and Sun 28.8. You can search schedules from Visit Tampere website by name. Teivon ravirata,  Teivo harnesh racing track is a very finnish experience with the exciting horse races.


Arboretum Frick is a private 3 hectare park with a versatile variety of trees, bushes and flowers. The park has lovely paths to follow and enjoy the calm scenaries in the subtle forest garden. The café serves pastries made with the seasons fruits.

On the Vehoniemi ridge you can find The car museum Vehoniemi. The museum and the café are open daily from 10am till 7pm, on Sundays till 10pm, weather permitting. No entrance fee. The museum hosts a wide range of old cars and other vehicles. The exhibition is allways changing and accessible for all!


Ideapark is a large shopping centre in Lempäälä. On top of the shopping opportunities it also offers activities for families. Starting June 26th Lego park at the main square has Legos for you to play with, Childrens culture centre PiiPoo has many activities for kids. And there’s a indoor carting track, trampolines, bowling and much more in Viihdekeskus (Entertainment centre) of Ideapark.

Vaihmalan hovi (Vaihmala court) is located just outside Lempäälä. Beautiful country manor offers accomodation, shopping and restaurant services in scenic countryside.

Floating down a river for 1,8 kilometers is said to be so relaxing that it equals several hours of sleep. This is defenetaly something new to experience, and Koskikellujat organices this possibility for you in Kuokkalankoski in Lempäälä. Pre-booking required.


Reippi is a museum area that you can enjoy with your family. Guided tours are on Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm. There’s a beach and sauna, too. If you are in the area in July 9th and 10th, the Viking fair takes place in Reippi!


Get your golf clubs ready! One of the biggest golf courses in Tampere region, Nokia River Golf awaits! While you’re in Nokia, why not enjoy the spa of Eden, Scandic Eden Nokia.


The House of Mr. Clutterbuck in Sastamala is an exciting and active world based on the characters from Mauri Kunnas’s popular children’s books. The house lets visitors immerse themselves in play, regardless of age: playing, dressing up in role-play costumes, colourful sights and sounds.

Sastamala Gregoriana is a early music festival in Sastamala. Come and enjoy excellent international concert program that consists of medieval, renaissance and baroque music. The main venues of the festival are old, spectacular lakeside churches of St Mary’s and St Olaf’s with unique acoustic spaces and incredible history behind them.

Since there’s so much to see and do in Sastamala, you migt like to stay over night. B&B Kommee Kurki provides you and your family a high quality holiday house and Tentsile accommodation with a natural touch.


The Luomajärvi Horse Inn offers memorable experiences for anyone who appreciates rustic romance, good food, rural atmosphere and relaxation, horse riding and cart rides, a quality time, sports and activity, nature and amazing wilderness tracks. Have you ever stayes the night in a lean-to or a tree-tent? Here you can experience both!


Frantsila Kehäkukka is the most popular travelling destination in Hämeenkyrö. In this beautiful, old school building, built in 1875, you can find a charming café, a vegetarian restaurant furnished in a rustic style, and a herb and gift shop, stocked with genuine Finnish products all year round. Urkin piilopirtti in Pinsiö offers art, sauna and accommodation in rural surroundings.


Serlachius Museums have a wide selection of art in their 2 museums, Gustaf and Gösta. This summers artists are for example Rachel Kneebone, Clare Woods, Andy Freeberg and Trish Morrissey. The permanent exhibition hosts paintings from Hugo Simberg, Albert Edelfelt, Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Ellen Thesleff and Emil Wikström as well as a number of Helene Schjerfbeck paintings. In between enjoying the art, profit the high quality restaurant Gösta. There is a daily shuttle bus to the museums from Tampere.

Rapukartano wellcomes all visitors to stay, eat or try different activities like church boat rowing or wild berry picking! In Rapukartano you can feast on game, such as elk, reindeer, bear and fish, accompanied with wild mushrooms, vegetables and berries. And naturally the crayfish!

Mänttä Art Festival is also something to experience. Open daily June 12th – August 31st from 10am till 6pm.


Lauhanvuori – Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark offers an opportunity to calm down or get activated. Calm down by the pulsating springs or unwind with the charm of speed while cycling on the needle paths of the spacious pine forests. Many of the destinations are also suitable for kids.


Did you know that Urjala municipality is over 150 years old? Old is also Nuutajärvi Glass Village, which was built in the 1850s. In the village there are both the museum and active glassblowers working creating art, among many others artisans. The restaurant will take care of your apetite for Finnish food and the shops allow you to do findings to take back home.


In the Region of Tampere the are plenty of festivals during the summer! See the selection on Tampere Region Festivals -page!