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Music is the world

Tampere has several great places to enjoy gigs from various genres. In the atmospheric G Livelab you can enjoy an award-winning concert experience in a historical red-brick venue. Check out also what Tullikamari and Klubi have to offer!

Other more underground places to enjoy music are for example Maanalainen and Vastavirta-Klubi. Maanalainen is a culture center with live gigs, art exhibitions and great vegan food. It’s located in the corner of Hämeenpuisto park and Satakunnankatu street. In Vastavirta-Klubi you can hear some great music by indie bands or more well known groups. The club is profiled as a punk club but that’s not the whole truth about this underground venue. Vastavirta-Klubi is located in Pispala district.

Culture House Telakka is a must-visit place for culture lovers while in Tampere. Here you can see great gigs, enjoy theatre, great food and also sauna!

Rustic and interesting

Hiedanranta area is definitely interesting place for visitors looking for the not-so-mainstream sights. There is a historical Lielahti manor in the area and in the manor you can find a a non-profit contemporary gallery space called Galleria Muuntotila. There’s also a bookshop in the same building called Laitapuoti. They sell works from self- and small publishers. Check out also the Spraycankontrol street art park where you can admire graffiti and murals from over 200 artists from more than 20 countries!

Arthouse Cinema Niagara is a small and atmospheric film theatre in beautiful Kehräsaari area. Their programme consists of quality European films. In the cinema lobby you can enjoy cocktails and tasty dishes in Raina restaurant.

In Sara Hildén Art Museum you can see the exhibition by Thomas Houseago, Nick Cave and Brad Pitt until January 15. In addition you can enjoy the Sara Hildén Foundations collection of modern and contemporary art and the scenic open-air sculpture park gallery just outside the museum.

Hungry for Tampere?

Vegan, legendary, local, quirky and just plain delicious! When you’re hungry and want some eye candy to go with your tasty dinner, head to Kumma bar&kitchen. This relaxed restaurant has some interesting decoration and great humor going on. Trust us, this is a place you must experience yourself.

Deli 1909 & Wine Bar in Puutarhakatu street is a legendary place where musicians, writers and other artist have spent time and enjoyed a glass of wine or two through out history.

Another legendary place in Tampere is Tillikka. It’s located by the Tammerkoski rapids and has been in the centre of cultural life in Tampere for over 100 years. Make sure you try their well-known classic Tillikka’s stir-fry! Tillikka’s fried liver dish is also legendary.

Gatropub Tuulensuu is a cosy restaurant next to Hämeenpuisto park. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a craft beer, glass of wine or tasty dishes with your friends, this is the place to go.