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Frequently asked questions

In this article we have listed frequently asked questions in our tourist information. If you can’t find an answer, please contact us.

Information about the City of Tampere’s services can be found from the City of Tampere website and information about Tampere public transport from Nysse’s website.




How do I get to and from Tampere-Pirkkala airport?

Bus line 39A operates between Pirkkala and Tampere-Pirkkala airport on weekdays, and bus lines 8, 11, 12, 34 and 36 operate between Tampere and Pirkkala. There is also a bus line number 103 operating between the city center and the airport. More information about Tampere public transport here.


How do I pay for my bus ticket?

You can find information about tickets at Tampere public transport’s website.


How can I get information about public transport in Tampere?

You can find information about tickets, schedules and routes at Tampere public transport’s website.


Where can I park my car in Tampere?

Please see Finnpark’s website for car parks.


Where can I store my luggage?

Luggage storage at Tampere train station is not in use at the moment. There’s some storage at Tampere bus station, as well as Ratina and Koskikeskus shopping centres.


I’m traveling with a travel trailer / by camper, can I overnight in parking area?

You can overnight with your camper van only in camping sites. Nearest camping area from city centre (open during summer time) is Härmälä Camping. Open also during winter time are Nokian Viinikanniemi in Nokia and Apianlahti camping in Valkeakoski. Please see more information from our article about Camping sites.


Where can I rent a bike?

Please see our article Cycling in Tampere.


Info & maps


Where’s is your tourist information office?

We don’t have a tourist information office at the moment. Visit Tampere offers tourist information, tips and much more via e-mail visittampere (at), social media and telephone (+358 3 5656 6800, open Mon-Fri at 10-15) all year round.


Where can I get a map of Tampere?

Visit Tampere produces various maps that you can download as a pdf, or print out. You can pick up printed maps at Tampere Market Hall in front of Pullapuoti Wilenius (Hämeenkatu 19) and at the Tampere Service point (Frenkkellinaukio 2B).. If you need larger amount of the maps (over 20 pcs) or if would like to get a map before your trip to Tampere, please contact us at visittampere (at)


Where can I get a cycling map of Tampere ?

All cycling maps provided by the city of Tampere can be downloaded here (site in Finnish). Printed maps available at Palvelupiste Frenckell (Frenckellinaukio 2 B).


What to see and do in Tampere?


How can I find information easily about Tampere’s museums, attractions, restaurants…?

Please see our website “City & Culture” 


Where can I find list of events in Tampere?

Please see our event calendar for events in Tampere.


How can I find information about churches in Tampere?

Please see The Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Parishes in Tampere’s website.


How can I book a guided tour?

Guided tours are provided by Tampereen Matkailuoppaat ry.


I only have a day in Tampere. What should I do?

Please see our article A day in Tampere.


I am travelling with kids. Can you recommend any kid-friendly attractions?

Please see our website for children.


Can you recommend a good restaurant?

Please see our Hungry for Tampere website.


Where can I go and have a lunch on weekend?

Restaurant Valssi in Museum Centre Vapriikki serves lunch during weekends. On Saturdays lunch is served at TTT-theatre’s restaurant Takaovi and at restaurant 4 vuodenaikaa.


Nature & activities


Where can I get information about cruises on the lakes?

Hopealinjat operates most of the cruises on Lake Näsijärvi and Lake Pyhäjärvi, please see Hopealinjat’s website. Steam boat cruises on Lake Näsijärvi are organized by


I would like to visit Viikinsaari island, how can I get there?

Hopealinjat operates cruises to Viikinsaari. For more information about Viikinsaari, please see Viikinsaari’s website.


How  about national parks and nature trails in Tampere.

Please see our website Hiking in Tampere Region or


Where can I get a map of national parks or nature trails?

For downloadable maps please see

For Kintulammi please see Kintulammi’s website.

For Birgitta Trail in Lempäälä please see Visit Lempäälä’s website.


I don’t have my own car, how can I get to national parks (for example Seitseminen)?

The easiest way to go to natural parks is by car, but some of them are reachable by bus. Usually it requires a bit of walking to get there and a bus change. Please see’s website for bus schedules and routes. You can buy a bus ticket from buses with cash.


This & That


I would like to visit Serlachius Museums in Mänttä, how can I get there?

You can get there by bus. Serlachius bus runs between Mänttä-Vilppula and Tampere on the days that the museums are open.


I would like to rent a cottage, could you recommend me one?

You can find rental cottages in Tampere and Tampere Region from Mökkiavain’s website.


I would like to stay on a farm, is it possible?

Please see our article Stay on a farm.



Didn’t get the information you were looking for? Please contact Visit Tampere via e-mail visittampere (at) or telephone +35830 5656 6800!


Updated: 04.10.2021