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Tampere offers a myriad of things to do and see for anyone who is interested in games and gaming. The local attractions and gaming events cover the field of gaming from e-sports, retro coin games and pin ball machines all the way to board-games and role-playing.


The Finnish Museum of Games

Gamers ought to visit the Finnish Museum of Games located in Museum Centre Vapriikki. The history of games and gaming has been gathered from the first consoles to the digital times. More than 100 games on display. The visitor can try 60 of them. The different games include board-games, coin operated arcade games and many more.


Gaming events in Tampere

The biggest and prettiest gaming event of Tampere is called Lantrek. The LAN event is organised annually in Tampere Exhibitions and Sports Centre. Approximately one thousand gamers gather together for four days in early sprig to battle for glory in various games from Counter Strike to NHL.

Tampere’s convetion for anime, manga, game, role-playing and cosplay enthusiasts is Tracon, organized annually in September. The three day event is one of the most popular conventions in Finland. Tracon offers activities, panels, lectures, music, cosplay competitions, boar game, role play and other game tournaments.

Tracon Hitpoint is a sibling event to Tracon where the focus is on board-, card, figure gaming as well as tabletop role-playing.  The programme also includes lectures, panel conversations and a game design competition.

Tampere eSports Klub organizes a gaming festival called Checkpoint. The event has eSports tournaments, retrogames, boardgames, worshops and seminars.

Arcade game lovers have a chance to sharpen their skills at Blast from the Past!  Nightclub Tullikamari Klubi occasionally stages arcade game themed evenings where customers can play their favorites while listening to chip-tune music.


Board game café Taverna and Arcades

The first board game café of Finland, Taverna, is located in Puutarhakatu in the city center. Gamers of all ages and skill levels are welcome to try out the 400+ board games in exchange for a small fee.

Ikuri Arcade, located in West-Tampere, is a heaven of pin ball machines and other classic coin operated arcade games. Ikuri arcade is not open all the time, but it is the location for gaming events and tournaments. The arcade can also be rented for a group.

Arcade game machines can also be found in café’s and bars around Tampere. They are maintained by Reprocade, a company which specializes in selling, renting and repairing pinball machines, jukeboxes and retro computers.




Board games, role playing-games, card games, miniature games and more. They also offer a selection of comic books, manga and books. Located in Kuninkaankatu.

Puolenkuun Pelit

New and used console and PC games, miniature games, board games, role playing games, card games. Books, comic books, manga, movies, posters, game controllers and game themed clothes and accessories. Puolenkuun Pelit can be found at the corner of Central Square.

Large selection of board games for beginners and hardcore enthusiasts alike. Their Tampere store is in shopping center Ratina.

Swamp Ideapark

New and second hand console games, new PC games and equipment. Also CDs and movies.