Information from Visit Tampere concerning coronavirus (COVID-19) - Visit Tampere

Information from Visit Tampere concerning coronavirus (COVID-19)


Tampere has plenty of nature and forests to spend time without large crowds.
Take a break and enjoy the clean and fresh air.

Remember to take care of each other.


Visit Tampere follows closely to the impacts of coronavirus epidemic for the Tampere region.

The Finnish government has decided that starting from June 1 the limit to public gatherings will be increased from 10 people to 50 people. The ban on public events for more than 500 people will continue at least until the end of July.

Books can be returned to libraries return hatches and book reservations can be collected from Metso, Sampola, Hevanta, Lielahti and Koilliskeskus libraries.

Sports parks, fields and neighbourhood sports sites have been opened.

National and municipal museums, theatres, cultural venues, libraries, mobile libraries, hobby and leisure centres, swimming pools and other sports facilities, youth centres, clubs, organisations’ meeting rooms, day care services for the elderly, rehabilitative work facilities and workshops will be opened gradually and controlled as of 1 June.

Cultural venues will generally open in June 2020. Please check the opening date, opening hours and instructions on the venues’ own websites and channels.

The gradual opening of restaurants will begin on 1 June 2020. Restaurants may be open from 6 am to 11 pm, alcoholic beverages are allowed to be served until 10 pm. The number of seats is limited to half the capacity of the restaurant, excluding terraces where there are no restrictions on seats. The regulations are valid with these prospects until the end of October. However, these regulations can be changed if developments go in the right direction. The situation is reviewed every couple of weeks. The first check of the situation is on Midsummer week.

Unneccessary traveling abroad should be avoided.

For more information see Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland, Finnish institute for health and welfare and City of Tampere.


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From this page you will find information, webinars and useful links about coronavirus and it's impacts for business.
Business Tampere and Visit Tampere are closely monitoring the impacts of the coronavirus on business life and tourism.
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