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Information from Visit Tampere concerning coronavirus (COVID-19)


Visit Tampere follows closely to the impacts of coronavirus pandemic for the Tampere region. 

Leisure traveling to and from Finland is again possible for some countries. For up-to-date information on traveling to Finland, see e.g. Visit Finland’s page and Finnish Government’s website.

All indoor and outdoor public events and general meetings with a more than 10 people have been banned until Feb 8. However, public events and general gatherings with a maximum of 10 people may be held indoors and in outdoor areas if the safety of the event can be ensured.

Museums of the city of Tampere can only take 10 customers at a time. Please check the opening date, opening hours and instructions on the venues’ own websites and channels.

The current restrictions concerning restaurants will remain in force until February 28, 2021. Alcoholic beverages are allowed to be served until 10 pm. Businesses that primarily serve alcoholic beverages must close by 11 pm, while other food and beverage service businesses may be open until 24.00 at the latest.

Pubs, bars and nightclubs may allow half the normal number of customers in the premises at a time. Restaurants and cafes may allow three quarters of the normal number of customers in the premises at a time.

Every customer must have their own seat. Customers must be able to wash their hands, and premises and surfaces must be kept clean. Businesses are responsible for ensuring safe distances between their customers.

For more information see Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland, Finnish institute for health and welfare and City of Tampere.

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