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It’s windy at the top


Whether you look up or from up high to the distance, that’s Tampere – full of tops!

Pyynikki tower
The Pyynikki observation tower is found on top of the world’s highest gravel ridge, over 150 metres above sea level. The tower was built in 1929 and you can get to the observation deck either by climbing the stairs or taking the elevator after the small entrance fee is paid. The most extreme dare-devils can even try abseiling down from the 26-metre tower! The café’s world-famous doughnuts really live up to the taste expectations – go ahead and try to eat the whole tasty delicacy without licking the sugar off your lips even once. The observation tower is open every day of the year.

Tampere Cathedral church
The church, with a main clock tower rising to 64 metres, was designed by Lars Sonck and built in 1907. Painters Magnus Enckell and Hugo Simberg have decorated the interior of the church, and in addition to Enckell’s altar fresco, the Cathedral is known by Simberg’s works Wounded Angel and Garden of Death. Simberg’s boldest decision was to place the symbol of sin, a snake, to the highest point of the ceiling. Can you find the two other snakes placed in the church?

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere
The newest addition to the tops of Tampere rises to 88 metres. At the top on the 25th floor, there’s Finland’s highest bar and terrace, the Moro Sky Bar. The sky bar is open for all customers, the elevator to the top is free-of-charge and you don’t need a table reservation. On weekdays Moro offers a soup lunch and Afternoon Tea. The views to the heart of Tampere are spectacular, day and night.

Näsinneula observation tower
Tampere’s most known landmark, the Näsinneula tower built in 1971, is 168 metres high. The ride to the top takes only 32 seconds with the fastest elevator in Tampere (for 5 euros). In good weather, from up high you can see up to 20 km away. You can check the weather forecast from the lights on top of Näsinneula – three yellow lights indicate nice weather. The revolving Restaurant Näsinneula right on the top of the tower is suitable for a bit of finer dining. The restaurant revolves one full round in 45 minutes. For some faster and more extreme spinning there’s the amusement park on ground level, but the views from here are really something else!

Pyynikki tower and café

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere


Restaurant Näsinneula

Lotta Peltonen

More photos at Lotta’s blog Kultarannikon Kulkija.



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