Media visits: main topics and coverage in 2019 - Visit Tampere

Media visits: main topics and coverage in 2019


This year, Visit Tampere has organized visits for over 70 media representatives and influencers, mainly from the UK, Germany, Japan, Russia, and the USA. The visits were focused on the topics of sauna and wellbeing, Lakeland and nature, gastronomy, and the Moomins.

Depending on the medium, we highlighted Tampere as a city break or a nature lovers’ paradise, a family destination or a place for solo travelers in search of authentic experiences.

For example, in Russia Tampere has been positioned as family destination through a visit of five groups of family bloggers scoring over 3 mln. followers altogether from St. Petersburg and Moscow. In the first half of the year, the main focus of the UK press visits was on the Moomin Museum. However, from the recent visits of the British journalists, we’re expecting features about Tampere with a focus on nature and the sauna scene, in particular, in The Telegraph, Daily Record, and Manchester Evening News. Tampere’s unique sauna scene has been also highlited in one of Germany’s top tier media, Die Welt.

The following topics, to a different extent, have been prevalent in all our media collaborations: 

a) Sauna Capital 

The relaxed lifestyle of Tampere’s local population who enjoy saunas and lakes all year round is particularly exotic and attractive to foreign visitors. Even those who have had prior experience of a Finnish sauna often tell they were finally ‘baptized as a Finn’ after their testing of one of Tampere’spublic saunas. The local sauna culture of Tampere that has been developing steadily for an over a century draws the attention of media from all over the world. 

When organizing a visit around the Sauna Capital topic, we seek to provide our media guests with unique sauna experiences such as sauna mediation and sauna yoga, different treatments, and guided tours to public saunas with local hosts. 

b) Food & local gastronomy   

The local gastronomy has been present in almost all of our media visits. The restaurants we choose for them have excellent food, enjoyable ambiance, and distinctive story. They should also be able to provide a gastronomic experience. We especially highlight local produce and seasonality when selecting a lunch or dinner place for our me dia guests.  

c) Nature, peace & quiet  

Things that we take for granted – the proximity of nature and forests around us, are perceived by foreigners as the strongest assets of the region. Peace, quietness, and wilderness have been in particular appreciated by our British and Japanese media guests.

Our international media collaborations helped us position our destination as a place to enjoy calm and tranquility, recharge the batteries and get peace of mind. We aimed at bringing our media guests’ focus to urban nature, national parks, accessibility of nature activities and experiences like hiking, berry picking, cooking over the open fire or forest meditation.  

Some results of our media collaboration this year


Metro (UK)

Metro (UK) 

Telegraph (UK)

Daily Mail (Scotland)

Genic (Japan)

Enfant (Japan)

Die Welt (Germany)

Allegro (Russia) 

O teatre (Russia) 

Howlround (USA)

NZZ Stil (Switzerland) 

The Telegraph

Sunday Mail


Way Away (UK)

Megan Starr (USA) 

Loving White Style (Finland) 

Suomi Isshoissho (Japan)

Eternal Arrival (USA) 

Alice’s Diary (Russia) 

@GypsyLovinLight (Australia)  4 julkaisua

@Uletimru (Russia)  4 julkaisua

@larsentut (Russia)  3 julkaisua

@mama_mishonka (Russia), 5 julkaisua

@lub04ka (Russia), 5 julkaisua

This October, we’re receiving the following media groups: 

3-5.10. – 10 journalists and bloggers were invited from Japan, Germany, UK, USA, Russia, and China to the World Sauna Forum. They will experience the diversity of sauna culture of the Tampere Region through activities we prepared for them, in addition to the forum programme. 

3-4.10. – a group of 5 Japanese influencers will come to Tampere as part of Visit Finland’s organized visit. The highlight of their program is a sauna meditation in an old smoke sauna in Koskela, Hämeenkyrö.   

9-10.10. – a group of British food bloggers will spend 2 days in Tampere exploring the best gastronomic locations. They will get introduced to the local sauna culture as well. 

25-26.10. – art journalists from Italy will be exploring art museums of the area, with the focus on Serlachius Museums, and find out about Finnish happiness through authentic sauna and gastronomic experiences. 

Read how to prepare for media visits 

Olga Javits

PR & Media Manager

I plan and organize international media visits to Tampere. Journalists and influencers from all over the world are my guests. I speak English, Finnish, Russian (native), and Spanish. 

Why Tampere? 

Imagine you can finally have only what you need from a city and take out everything that makes the city life complicated. You will get Tampere. 

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