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Midsummer 2019 in Tampere and the Region


Midnight sun, Finnish summer, Midsummer bonfire and an open-air dance in a pavilion. All the traditional Midsummer festivities and more can be found in Tampere and the surroundings! Will it be a festival, a romantic open-air dancing event, nice activities for kids or just the calm nature? All can be found not too far away – who needs a cottage when you can stay in town!

NB! We keep updating this article untill Midsummer, so there’s even more events to come!




Valtteri Festival brings Midsummer celebrations right to the middle of Tampere city centre June 21– 22. The festival is organized at Tullikamari Pakkahuone and Telakka. Live music and a sauna tune the festival goers into the evening’s paid gigs for grown-ups. Performers include Finnish names such as Pariisin Kevät, Samae Koskisen Korvalääke and Samuli Putro. On Midsummer eve there will also be some stand-up (in Finnish).


In Hiedanranta you can spend Midsummer a bit more uniquely in Tampere Underground Midsummer June 21-22. Free Midsummer festival in the surrounds of the Hiedanranta Manor. The entertainment includes music, theatre, performances and poetry, as well as activities for children.


At Särkänniemi Doghill the Midsummer June 21-22 is for children! The Doghill dwellers welcome the smallest of the family – and why not the grown-ups as well – to enjoy Midsummer. On both days at 13 and 16.30 there’s Midsummer dance and at 11-18 you can roast marshmallows over campfire (weather permitting).


Mustalahti harbour offers live music and traditional midsummer dance on 21.-22.6. at 8 pm. On both evening the tunes are played by Jouni Keronen, and the entrance is free of charge!


This Midsummer the green oasis of Tampere, Viikinsaari island, celebrates the nightless night for two days! On Midsummer Eve, June 21st, the visitors can enjoy a Midsummer sauna, as well as the traditional open-air Midsummer dance in the pavilion with live music. The bonfire will be lit in the evening, weather providing. On Saturday June 22nd the sauna is open again. The restaurant is open both days serving brunch on Friday at 12-16 and on Saturday at 13-17. You can buy your tickets in here.


Tallipiha Stable Yards throws a Midsummer celebration on Sunday, June 23rd from 11am to 5pm. A market place with artisans and handicrafts, horse carriage rides and pony rides available, accompanied by live music. Free of charge! Tallipiha is closed June 22-23.


At the Niihama Hut, there will be a Midsummer fete on Midsummer Eve, Friday June 21st at 17-22. The programme includes hoisting the flag and litting bonfire (weather permitting). There will also be wild boar soup, vegetable soup, waffles, sausages and ice-cream on sale. Follow the updates on Facebook.


Most of the museums in Tampere are closed during Midsummer, but Spy Museum is open on Sunday June 23rd. There’s guided tours (in Finnish) at 1pm and at 3pm, and for children a junior agent test where you get a junior agent card as a souvenir. Museum is open at 12-18.


For some sauna heat


You can enjoy a midsummer sauna experience also in Rauhaniemi sauna. At Rauhaniemi, the sauna is hot June 21st at 13-18 and June 22nd and June 23rd at 13-20.


The oldest public sauna, Rajaportti sauna, is open June 21st at 12-18 but it’s closed June 22-23. The café is open when the sauna is.


Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma brings food, sauna and people together during the whole Midsummer. Kuuma is open June 20th at 11-24 and June 21st and 22nd at 11-02.


Tullin sauna is open on Saturday June 22nd and on Sunday June 23rd at 14-20.


Viikinsaari sauna will also be open, see the details from earlier on this article.


Other things to do


You can enjoy the famous doughnuts in Midsummer, too – the Pyynikki observation tower and the café are open June 21st between 9am and 3pm, and on June 22nd from 9am to 9 pm. The coffee break is made perfect with the awesome view over the forest area of Pyynikki and the lake scenery.

Want to get to know Tampere and the region or lifestyle a bit more with a local guide? Check out Doerz Tampere and see what’s on over Midsummer!


Finnish Silverline cruises during the Midsummer in Tampere! Check the timetables and get your tickets from hopealinjat.fi


Outside Tampere


At Vaihmalan Hovi, in Lempäälä, midsummer is celebrated restaurant-style on Midsummer eve 21.6. with a bonfire at 19 and live band Duo Mirjam & John at 20 until late night. The dinner is served untill 21.30. On Midsummer day they’re serving a lovely brunch at 10-14.


Pappila parish in Pirkkala organizes a family fete June 21st at 19.45-22.30, bonfire at 21.30.


Vehoniemi Automotive Museum in Kangasala is always open! The museum presents changing exhibition about the history of cars and motorcycles. Visiting the exhibitions of the Automotive Museum and the observation tower is free. Don’t forget to taste some of the cafe’s famous pastries and visit the Vehoniemi observation tower! On Midsummer eve June 21st the museum, café and the observation tower is open from 10 am ’till midnight and June 22-23 the museum and the café at 10-19.


Automobile and road museum Mobilia in Kangasala is closed on Midsummer eve June 21st but it’s open June 22nd and June 23rd at 10-18! The permanent exhibitions in Mobilia are: the Rally Museum & Rally Hall of Fame, Mobilia Classics car exhibition and 1950–70s Barrack Village.


Visavuori Museum in Valkeakoski is open every day during Midsummer at 11-18! The café is open June 21st at 11-15 and June 22-23 at 11-18.


At Locomotive Museum in Toijala, Akaa, is Midsummer fete on Midsummer day June 22nd at 12-16. Entrance fee only 2 euros per person, free entrance children under 15y old. Museum exhibits old diesel and steam locomotives as well as work trains.


At Ilolan maatilamatkailu farm in Valkeakoski on Midsummer eve June 21st there’s a children’s bonfire (weather permitting), horse riding, farm animals, tractor driving and food starting at 5 pm. On Midsummer day June 22nd there’s food, smoke sauna (25 euros per person) and relaxing. Ilola is open every day from 9 am untill late evening.


Let’s dance!


In addition to Viikinsaari island in Tampere, there are also some traditional open-air Midsummer dances in the vicinity of Tampere:


On Midsummer eve, June 21st in Orivesi, Rönni pavilion, in Lempäälä, Nurmi pavilion and in Kangasala, Kisaranta.

On Midsummer day, June 22nd in Tottijärvi, Hämyslava pavilion and in Hämeenkyrö, Mahnala pavilion.

On Sunday, June 23rd in Kangasala, Kisaranta pavilion and in Pirkkala, at the Haikka pavilion.



Visit Tampere tourist information is closed for Midsummer June 21-23, open again on Monday June 24.

The city buses also follow exceptional timetables throughout the Midsummer, check out timetables here.

You might want to also check our events calendar for more happenings.


Please note, that the information given here is subject to changes which Visit Tampere is not responsible for – please check the up-to-date information from the event’s own website or organizer.



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