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Pyhä-Näsi – Lake Trails


Explore the best parts of Finnish countryside on the Lake Trails

The lakes Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi provide the beautiful, diverse and scenic foundation for your cycling adventure along the Lake Trails. Get inspired and immerse into the various options of the trails on the Pyhä-Näsi website. You can choose from different routes, themes and ways to travel in advantage. To get the best out of your trip, remember to include the Hopealinjat ships as a part of your journey. In addition, you can also make use of the local trains. There are many accommodation options along the trails: hotels, B&B’s, farmhouses, cottages and campsites. Just remember to make reservations well in advance during the summer season.

So, hop on to your bike, enjoy the amazing scenery, taste locally grown food, feel the abundance of the beautiful Finnish nature and enjoy your adventure!

Näsijärvi routemap

Pyhäjärvi routemap


Bike & Sauna

Now you can find over 80 different types of saunas in Pyhä and Näsi maps! You can choose would you like to take a sauna in the barrel sauna, a yurt sauna, a beach sauna, a boat (yes – you can find them), a smoke sauna, a log sauna or many other saunas of Pyhä and Näsi.

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Bike & Boat

Bike and Boat -ticket combines your cycling trip with a ferry cruise on the beautiful lakes of Pyhä- or Näsijärvi.

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