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Ratina Shopping Centre

The largest shopping centre in Tampere offers plenty to do together

  • Largest shopping centre in Tampere

  • 115 stores

  • Fashion, interior decoration and daily shopping as well as beauty and health services

  • 26 restaurants and cafes

  • Public transportation connections and P-Ratina garage with 1 200 spaces for cars

Ratina, the largest shopping centre in Tampere, opened its doors in the summer of 2018 and it contains within it the selections and services of over 100 stores. The centre is easy to reach and besides shopping it also offers food and events. In addition to fashion, daily shopping and interior decoration, you may also enjoy treats and delicacies or the pampering of beauty and health services. The shopping centre has a total of 115 stores, 26 of which are restaurants and cafes. Situated on the shore of the Ratina backwater, the Ratina shopping centre offers three buildings worth of space for doing things together.

In addition to the brand new Ratina building, the centre also contains the two older, familiar buildings, Ranta-Ratina and Ratinan Kulma. The shopping centre is easily accessible via public transportation and there is a direct escalator connection between Ratina and the coach station. P-Ratina, the largest garage in the city centre, has room for 1 200 visitors arriving by car.

What is on offer?

A diverse offering of services, shopping and food in the 115 stores of the Ratina shopping centre.

Did you know?

Shopping, food and well-being with 115 stores.

The shopping centre consists of three buildings and combines modern construction with buildings that have been part of the scenery for decades.

Updated: 24.01.2019