Small budget fun for summer holidays - Visit Tampere

Small budget fun for summer holidays


Free events for children and families


Moomin Museum’s Garden party on 11.8. is one of summer’s top choices. The party is being held in front of Tampere Hall at the Sorsapuisto park, and there is going to be plenty of Moomin-themed fun. Check out for more details closer to the date.


Särkänniemi will have different events and concerts throughout the summer and the entrance to the amusement park area is free. For example: Children’s Enchanting Saturday will keep the smallest ones of the family entertained:

Sat 7.7. & Sat 14.7. Children’s Enchanting Saturday: Mimi & Kuku (in Finnish)

Sat 21.7., Sat 28.7. & Sat 4.8. Children’s Enchanting Saturday: Siina & Taikaradio (in Finnish)

Almost every Saturday there will be a free concert on the main stage.


Tallipiha Stable Yard’s events are also free and many on the summer weekends, the program is mostly planned for the whole family. Usually there’s a merry-go-round, horse carriage rides and live music. Children will celebrate their own Summer party and Toy flea market at the Stable yards on 14.-15.7.


Hiedanranta will host a garden party for the whole family on 18.8.
Hiedanranta’s beautiful garden is filled with music, arts, tasty foods and culture for children. During the event you will also have a chance to get to know the future plans of Tampere city.


Hämeenpuisto Garden fiesta on 19.8. will again be filled with hobbies, music, plays and atmosphere. Associations, clubs and companies will set up their booths and offices for the day and invite everyone to get to know them and try different things. More information about the event closer to the date can be found here.


Free Summer Park Concerts are held during the whole summer all around the city stages and parks. There are over 200 concerts during the summer.



Get to know the city for free


With Visit Tampere Fun with kids – map help you can check out all the attractions near the city center on your own time, you can find the map here. Notice that after the map was published, there have been some changes: the Moomin museum is now located at Tampere Hall and the Tourist Information will be found at Frenckell customer service point during the summertime and through e-mail and phone all year round.


Children’s traffic park in Kaleva is free fun and open during the summer school holidays (until August).


Tampere city center is nice and compact, and if you have a car, you can find more things to do and see around Tampere. With the help of these other maps it’s easy to go around with the whole family. Check out for example the Region’s gems from the From locals with love – map.



Culture and museums


In Tampere one of the free-of-charge museums for everyone is the Police Museum, which is a lot of fun for the children and the whole family as well. The Police museum is in Hervanta. just a short distance by bus from the city center.


In the city center’s historic Finlayson area you can find The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, which is free-of-charge and has plenty of exciting things for kids, for example a genuine steam engine!


You may also want to visit the biggest museum complex in Tampere, Vapriikki. Free entrance on Fridays at 15-18 (doesn’t include the new Marilyn exhibition) and at the Tampere Art Museum, Fridays from 15-18 are free for visitors.


About 20 km away from Tampere, in Kangasala, you can find Vehoniemi Automobile Museum, also free of charge. The museum celebrates its 35-year journey with many different events, and while you’re there, make sure to enjoy the great view over the ridge and lake from the café’s terrace or the observation tower close to the museum.


Culture house Laikku offers free culture for kids and grown-ups in Tampere city center. Here, you can also find Children’s cultural center Rulla where most of the activities are free of charge and during summer weeks there will be some garden art workshops (small material cost).


For the whole summer, the Finlayson Art Area will colour up the city center of Tampere with all kinds of free art exhibitions and events.



Want to see some animals?


In the city center of Tampere, near Tampere Hall and the Moomin Museum, at the Sorsapuisto park you can see different species of birds brought to the park for summer as well as play  at the popular playground at the park.

Just a stone’s throw away from the city center, there’s Hatanpää Arboretum, an open park area for everyone. The arboretum includes a rose garden, café and often many kinds of birds splashing around in the ponds.

In Pirkkala, about 20 km from Tampere, you can find Reippi Farm. During most summer weekends you can enter the farm for free and get to see horses, donkeys, sheep, miniature pigs, chickens, roosters and also bunnies – and ride a pony for a small fee! Within the Reippi farm there is also Reippi Museum,where you can visit old outbuildings and enjoy some olden times atmosphere.

A bit further away from Tampere, about 30 km away in Pälkäne, there’s Niitty-Seppälä Farm with a free-of-charge animal yard. You may also collect strawberries on your own.

Psst! Over at Tallipiha Stable Yards there are chickens to marvel at throughout summer and at 3D Crush Café you can have a go at 3D printing but also pet some bunnies while waiting. In addition in the district of Peltolammi, you can find three cute cows. These cuties can be found at Rukkamäenpuisto, opposite of Peltolammi school at the address Säästäjänkatu 16.


Check out the links below for more tips on swimming beaches, playgrounds, outdoors exercise areas, national parks and other outdoor areas – all free of charge!

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Summer Café Arboretum

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