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Summer art and museums in Tampere region

Tampere region lures art lovers to visit during summer, with many exhibitions and displays of art both indoors and outdoors!


Finlayson Art Area 

Finlayson Art Area (FAA) is an annual visual arts event, organised for the 6th time this year at the Finlayson area. The event welcomes yearly a plentitude of art lovers and many artists from around Finland and the world. Opening on July 4th 2020, one of this year’s absolute highlights is the new sun terrace area being built on the roof or the old factory building of Finlayson. In addition to the roof walk and the terrace, FAA offers for example a flower colour circle and plant pallets designed by Anni Rapinoja. Finlayson Art Area 2020 4.7.–30.8.2020.


Tampere Hall

This summer, Tampere Hall presents Stars on Stage by Ralph Larmann photo exhibition. Ralph Larmann is known as the official photographer of super stars and bands and now he is bringing about 60 mega stars on concerts and events around the world to the Tampere Hall! Exhibition is open 30.6.-18.8. from Tuesday to Sunday at 10-17.


Haihara Art Centre

Located in Kaukajärvi district of Tampere, the Haihara Art Centre area consists of a mansion, exhibition area, summer and puppet theatre, a shop and a café. In the summer 2020, Haihara brings us for example a private exhibition by Viggo Wallensköld.  Read more (in Finnish) in here.


Amuri Museum of Workers’ Housing

is a must visit during summer! This block of wooden buildings showcases the working-class lifestyle and history of Tampere. Amuri Museum of Workers’ Housing presents facts in an engaging way and sheds light on human fates and ways of life across nine decades. 


Teisko museum

Teisko museum is the only local heritage museum in Tampere. The collections resonate the life and traditions of the local countryside. The museum is open 14.6.–13.8.2020 on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 11.00–16.00. In addition to the permanent exhibition, this summer there’s also a summer exhibition about the shops and shopkeepers in Teisko area. 


The Velaatta Milk Platform Museum

is one of Tampere’s most unusual museums. The museum is also the smallest museum in Europe and the only of its kind. A former milk reception center, which was used to receive milk, represents a living history of Finnish culture. The Museum is located 50 km from Tampere, in the countryside along the road, and is open from June to October daily all the time. The theme of exhibition is changed every year.


Serlachius Museums Gösta and Gustaf

are famously known museums in the town of Mänttä in Tampere Region. While Gustaf exhibits the history of the town and family behind a booming paper industry, Gösta is the museum dedicated to “old and new art” and features changing themed exhibitions as well as artworks of the Golden Age of Finnish art.

This summer Serlachius-Museum Gösta offers several exhibitions (read more in here) and is open 1 Jun–31 Aug daily 10 am–6 pm.

Hop on the Serlachius bus from Tampere railway station and let it take you to the art destinations of Mänttä! The bus runs daily for the summer 1 June–31 August.


Summer in Orivesi (Oriveden Suvi)

Orivesi is at its finest in the summer. Oriveden Suvi  kauneimmillaan kesällä. Oriveden Suvi caters concerts, exhibitions and events from June to September to Rönnin huvikeskus, Taitokeskus Orivesi and Leporanta Art Centre. 


Leporanta Art Centre

 Leporanta art centre, located in the town of Orivesi, offers its 49th summer exhibition this year. The summer exhibition is open 20.6. – 23.8.2020.


Locomotive Museum

Quite close to the busy railroad yard in Toijala, which is part of the city of Akaa, is a distinctive Locomotive Museum which exhibits old diesel and steam locomotives as well as work trains. There are 12 locomotives on display at the moment. Open very day from June 20th on. 


Visavuori museum

showcases the life and works of sculptor Emil Wikström (1864-1942) and his grandson, cartoonist Kari Suomalainen (1920-1999). The museum is situated in Sääksmäki village, in the city of Valkeakoski. Visavuori has three buildings: Emil Wikström’s home, his studio, and Kari’s Pavilion. Visavuori has remained almost unchanged since the times when Wikström lived and worked there. The decor and artefacts in this exceptional timber dwelling are authentic and allow you to sense the atmosphere of an early-20th-century artistic home. Visavuori Museum is open every day at 11-18 from 13.6. to the end of August 2020.


Laukko Mansion

is one of the most notable and historical mansions in Finland, situated in Vesilahti and it was recently renovated to its full splendor. This year there will be seven different exhibitions open around the mansion and you can easily spend a whole summer day in the idyllic premises, restaurant and the gift shop.


Reippi Museum

is an authentic rural idyll only a few kilometres from the centre of Pirkkala and the Tampere–Pirkkala airport. The yard of the old Reippi farm, as well as its horse pastures and sheep enclosures, are part of the museum area. The area is kept in its original state to allow visitors to experience what life in Pirkkala was like only 50 years ago.

The open-air museum includes three storehouses, two barns, a workshop, and a shed, which were brought to the site from different parts of Pirkkala. The storehouses showcase rustic artefacts from the late 19th and the 20th century related to rural sources of livelihood, a food-based economy, and handicrafts. Events are held at the museum in summertime. Reippi Museum is open June-August on Saturdays and Sundays at 11-17.


Kuhmalahti Art Parsonage

In the former parsonage of Kuhmalahti in Kangasala, is the home f one of the oldest summer art exhibitions in Finland, the Art Parsonage Summer. the art parsonage is the atelier and residence of the ceramic artist Teemu Luoto, who works in the parsonage all year round.


Kuru Open Air Museum

is Ensign Stål’s cabinis where Ensign Karl Gustaf Polviander lived. He fought in the Swedish army against Napoleon’s troops in Germany in 1807 and took part in the War of Finland (1808–1809). As a young student, a certain J.L. Runeberg often visited Polviander’s cabin, where he heard war stories that inspired many of his poetry collections, including the book The Tales of Ensign Stål.

In addition to the ensign’s cabin, the open-air museum consists of a loft storehouse and two smaller storehouses that were originally located elsewhere and moved to the museum later. Legend has it that one of these was built in the late 17th century, which would make it one of the oldest wooden buildings in the region. Open in July 2020.


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Updated: 17.06.2020