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During the summer, Tampere offers many different ways to exercise and exercising places, mostly out in the open and free of charge. Here are some tips, pick your favourite and enjoy!



There are about a dozen of beachvolley courts maintained by the City of Tampere. On a sunny day you can head towards the Pyynikki or Kaukajärvi beach to practice those passes and hits. The courts are free of charge.



If you happen to find yourself in Pirkkala, you can find a crossfit exercise park next to the Pirkkala leisure centre.



You can get your frisbee to really fly for example at the Sorsapuisto park or the Pyynikki beach. Frisbeegolf courses can be found in Epilä, Vihinoja and Hervanta. The courses are free of charge, all you need is a frisbee.



Koulukatu or Tammela school’s courts are good for some street basket. Grab a ball and some friends along!


Uphill workout

Get your heart rate up by climbing the slope of Mustavuori or Hervanta. Walking sticks optional, water bottle recommended.


Nääshalli gym

With a couple of euros you can get a proper workout at the gym.


Stairs exercise

Whether you climb up the famous wooden stairs in Pispala or the stone ones at the Pyynikki observation tower, you’re bound to get fitter. Add some challenge by climbing two steps at a time, running up or taking a buddy on a piggyback ride!



Check out the marked cycling paths and the scenic routes of lakes Pyhäjärvi and Kaukajärvi (in Finnish) from here.



Ahvenisjärvi, Kaukajärvi and one of Kauppi’s tennis courts are free of charge. Other courts are available for under a tenner.



Take a refreshing dip or a longer swim at the public beaches in Pyynikki, Onkiniemi or Mältinranta, to name a few. A sauna is available daily at the Rauhaniemi and Kaupinoja beaches.


Outdoor recreation

There’s a vast path network at the Kauppi Sports Park. Try the marked routes or just enjoy a 3 km nature trail starting from the Niihaman Maja hut. The nature trail (4 km long) at the Pyynikki conservation area offers magnificent views and along the route you’ll also find the Pyynikki observation tower – and the tasty doughnuts at the café.


Outdoor gyms

Why not add some gym to your jogging, and stop by the outdoor gyms, open all year round! Outdoor gym devices are freely at anyone’s disposal for example near the Koulukatu court, under the Ratina Bridge, at Kauppi Sports Park, next to the Kaukajärvi leisure centre and at the Suolijärvi beach.



Run a hundred or give a go at long jumping at the Pyynikki sports track. During the summer, the tracks are free to use, unless there are reservations.