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Sustainable Travel & Activities


Flying is undoubtedly not the greenest way to get around, so when travelling by plane, look into the possibility of offsetting your carbon emissions, and when possible, travel by train. Once in Tampere, there are plenty of things to do without compromising your sustainable way of life.

Drink Tap Water

Finnish tap water is clean and safe to drink. Research shows that it is actually purer than bottled water. Naturally, tap water is also a more ecological alternative to bottled water. Bring your own reusable bottle and refill it anywhere tap water is available.

There are two big water supply plants in Tampere that produce high-quality drinking water from local lakes. There are also a number of smaller groundwater intake stations. The health protection authorities of the City of Tampere are responsible for statutory monitoring of service water. The Rusko water purification plant laboratory analyses over 21,000 samples annually to ensure water quality. The microbiological quality of the water directed into the water supply network is ensured through disinfection with chlorine or sodium hypochlorite.

Eat Local

Hungry? Not for long! Eating local foods is a climate friendly way of familiarizing yourself with new cities and cultures. Enjoy foods you won’t find anywhere else, or take one step further towards green living and give a try to one of Tampere’s vegetarian restaurants.

Enjoy the Urban Nature

Tampere is an ideal destination for anyone who appreciates the nature and the outdoors. One fifth of our city consists of green areas, such as parks and forests.

Walking tours are always a win-win, you’ll see interesting sights, get to enjoy the nature and get some exercise on the side. You could also rent a bicycle and explore the city, or pack your rucksack and set off to the magical forests of Helvetinjärvi and Seitseminen national parks.


In Tampere, the only problem for sauna enthusiasts is picking your favourite public sauna. Choose the soft heat of the oldest public sauna in Finland, or the atmospheric warmth of the country’s newest public sauna – or anything from between. With 35 public saunas, Tampere is undoubtedly the Sauna Capital of the World!

Once you make your choice, you’re on your way to relaxation! Bathing in sauna is also much more than relaxation; the health benefits of sauna bathing have been studied scientifically since the 18th century.

Consume Consciously

When pictures aren’t enough to remember Tampere by, be a conscious consumer and buy your souvenirs from local designers and artisans. Why not visit one of the many boutiques in Tampere Design District or go second-hand shopping? And remember, plastic bags are not free in Finland for a reason, so bring your own shopping bag!


In Tampere region over 98 % of the waste is recycled or recovered as energy. Paper, card-board, plastic, glass, metal and organic waste can be sorted and utilized as raw materials or energy.

Be mindful of where you put your rubbish, many places in Tampere offer the possibility for sorting and recycling. When in doubt, ask the staff for help.

Choose Certified Accommodation

A number of hotels in Tampere have been granted environmental certification. In order to qualify for an environmental certificate, these organizations have made certain improvements to their establishments and policies. These improvements might include the use of renewable energy, reduced water consumption, improved recycling policies and housekeeping practices, socially responsible purchasing, or serving local or organic food and drinks. 

By staying at a certified hotel, you are making a sustainable choice. When staying at a hotel that has not yet been certified, you might want to do your bit and ask the housekeepers not to change your sheets and towels every day during your stay.