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If you’re a shopper but world wide clothing chains are not your (only) cup of tea, you are in the exact right place. Tampere does not fall behind Helsinki in the amount of local design stores, with the difference that in Tampere the boutiques are situated within a few minutes’ walking distance from each other. Also, in Tampere you’re likely to be buying a product straight from the designer!

The block between Hatanpään valtatie, Otavalankatu, Aleksanterinkatu and Verkatehtaankatu streets has been declared THE design district of Tampere. There are plenty of stores, but to mention one, MUKA VA Flagship Store is one of the rare stores in Finland that is owned by the designers themselves and sells carefully selected items of clothing, accessories and jewellery, as well as the owners’ own brand MUKA VA. Also the Uhana flagship store on Verkatehtaankatu street is a must-visit for all design hunters.

Just a stone’s throw away (on the other side of Koskikeskus shopping mall) is Kehräsaari, where, among others, shoesmith Pihka and the shops Pikkuputiikit sell functional Tampere-based design. Pihka makes shoes, bags and accessories out of leather, and PikkuPutiikit concentrates on jewellery, accessories and pottery.

The design walk continues past Laukontori market place to the south end of Aleksis Kiven katu street, where you’ll find another concentration of design shops. Pop into interior design store Domdom which relies on everyday esthetics, sustainability, quality, reuse of second hand and excellent service. Just a few more steps to Aleksis Kiven katu street and the clothing store Seele. Its E’s stand for “esthetic, ecological and ethical design and clothing”.

Humbugi Asuste designs and makes unique clothing accessories that are mainly made of recycled and reused leather. Humbugi Asuste’s studio and showroom is situated in Hiedanranta, but you can find their products in Seele and Super Mukava.

The newest addition to the design boutiques in Tampere is Designpark Lahjaputiikki, where you can find items made of photos and prints, wood, tiffany glass and ceramics, as well as unique lamps and other treasures.

In addition to these stores that are open all-year round, during summer 2018 you can find design products at Showroom Finnish brandstore. The design pop-up store is open from 25th of June to 23rd of September. The store can be found in Hämeenkatu, and it offers products for women, men and children as well as products for home decorating.

Visit Tampere Mukava Design Shop Laura Vanzo

MUKA VA Flagship Store

Otavalankatu 3, 33100 Tampere
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Design tori - Laura Vanzo-4


Kehräsaari Laukontori 1, 33200 Tampere
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Tallipiha Stable Yards Laura Vanzo 16

Tallipiha Stable Yards

Kuninkaankatu 4, 33210 Tampere
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Designpark Lahjaputiikki

Designpark Lahjaputiikki

Designpark Lahjaputiikki, Aleksanterinkatu, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Taito Shop Laura Vanzo

Taito Shop

Hatanpään Valtatie 4, 33100 Tampere
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Domdom – Home decor and design shop

Aleksis Kiven katu 30, 33200 Tampere
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Kraa Kraa Eyewear Photo

Kraa Kraa Eyewear

Peltokatu 16 D, 33100 Tampere
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Humbugi Accessories

Humbugi Accessories

Hiedanranta, Tampere
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