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5+5 top picks from Tampere Film Festival



It is that time of the year again, this year for the 49th time… Tampere Film Festival is here! The Festival offers a selection of 400 movies, and because it is almost impossible to choose the most interesting films from this huge repertory, Aamulehti offers a helping hand. 27 year old reporter, a culture loving millennial, Stina Alapirtti and a middle-aged movie-enthusiast, culture-reporter Markus Määttänen have done the impossible, and picked their favorites from the wide selection. It’s movie time!


Stina Alapirtti’s picks:


Sámi Filbma
This year one the main emphasis of the Film Festival is on minority languages. Sámi Filbma screening presents nine different short films from around the Nordic Countries. The short films show experiences and different points of view on being Sami feels like.


Anna Eriksson: Carte Blanche
Carte Blanche is a screening that presents short films chosen by Anna Eriksson. The short films open up her relationship with movies and movie industry. You should also check out Anna Eriksson’s M, an art film where she plays Marilyn Monroe.


International competition: Feminism
The most impressive films in the international competition 2: Feminism, are movies Kaksi ruumista rannalla, by Anna Paavilainen, starring Laura Birn and Rea Mauranen, and an Iranian film called Driving lessons, that portrays a different kind of love triangle.


Muurit 1 and 2
’Muurit’ screenings portray, not only the Berling Wall from different points of view, but also today’s reasons and methods of building walls.


Murtovarkaus is a movie made in 1926, and it is based on Minna Canth’s play.



Top picks by Markus Määttänen:


Horror 2
In Ilja Rautsi’s movie Mansplaining Massacre, Essi tries to survive a group of men trying to mansplain everything to her. Naturally it turns into a massacre. Kristy Guevara-Flanagan’s short documentary What Happened to Her depicts the western way of portraying dead women in movies and TV almost as beauty queens. Read more.


Kino-TAMK screening presents, for example, Emma Similä’s wonderful short film Äiti moppaa. It is a compact picture of a modern Finnish class society.


Trash & Underground
Film Festival’s second cousin, Trash & Underground -film rounds up the crème de la crème of trash-movies. You can expect harsh genre-pastiches mostly from horror, splatter and action movies.


Risto Jarva Prize 1
Risto Jarva -prize has been given to the best Finnish films throughout decades. The star pick of the screening is the first-ever movie from the Kaurismäki brothers, Valehtelija, from 1981.


Rake Special: Untamo Eerola
Raimo Silius has gathered, director and reporter, Untamo Eerola’s most important documents on the ways that the city of Tampere has been developed.


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