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Evolving Tampere


The Tramway and UROS LIVE arena are modifying the street view of Tampere


Travel smoothly to a cleaner tomorrow with Tampere Tramway

Working with electricity, the Tramway enables an even smoother and more environmentally friendly everyday life in Tampere. Good public transport maintains the city’s vitality also outside the city center. People of three buses fit in one Tram and this frees up space for walkers and cyclists. With the accessible Tram, everyone can easily get from one place to another even with a wheelchair and a pram.

The first part of the Tampere Tramway will be completed in 2021 and traffic is scheduled to start on 9.8. The rails run from Pyynikintori to Hervantajärvi and from the University Hospital to Hatanpää highway, Sorin Aukio. The second part of the Tramway between Pyynikintori and Santalahti is scheduled to be completed in 2023. The rest of the second part between Santalahti and Lentävänniemi is scheduled for completion in 2024.

Ratikka’s Art also makes traveling in Tampere’s Tramway interesting. You can see art at Tramway stops, in electrical lockers, inside Trams as well as on Tramway construction sites. For example, word-, image- and cartoon art, lights, music, and sound may be seen in the future of Tramway.

You can read more about Tampere Tramway here.


The multi-function UROS LIVE arena is a stand for future experiences

The UROS LIVE arena, which is built above the main railway, in the heart of Tampere, will be completed in December 2021. The arena has up to 15,000 seats and includes a top hotel, a casino, conference and meeting facilities, and several restaurants that also serve around the year. The arena also works as the main venue for the 2022 World Hockey Championships and as the new home arena for the Tampere hockey teams, Tappara and Ilves.

The UROS LIVE arena is a world-class transforming venue. The services of the arena are built and adapted to the needs of each customer and there is no need to worry about queuing or lost tickets. The platform and modern telescopic views can be moved to the desired shape depending on the event. The Lapland Hotels Arena Hotel is also wrapped around the arena and you can see directly into the arena from the highest floors of the building. You can also follow the events of the arena from your hotel room window or balcony.

You can read more about UROS LIVE arena here.