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Tampere Philharmonic Spring


Brightest stars of Tampere Philharmonic spring


Tampere Philharmonic is a part of Tampere Opera’s production La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini in cooperation with Tampere Opera Choir and Tampere Opera Child Choir. La Bohème is beloved opera classic, which tells a tragic love story.

Tampere Philharmonic also takes part in Loud Silents Festival in the spring time. Loud Silents Festival is a festival dedicated to silent films and live music. Tampere Philharmonic will preform Jonne Valtonen’s piece Laulu tulipunaisesta kukasta under the direction of conductor Günter Buchwald. Tampere Philharmonic will also appear in the opening concert of Tampereen Sävel Vocal Music Festival.


Visitors from around the world


In the spring time Tampere Philharmonic will receive music professionals as guests from around the world. For example, British conductors  Christopher Warren-Green and Christopher Seaman will direct few concerts in the front line of Tampere Philharmonic. These concerts include pieces such as Ludwig van Beethoven’s Piano concerto no 5 and Béla Bartók’s Piano concerto no 2. Also musicians with different instruments will join the stage in Tampere Philharmonic’s concerts. To mention few, marvelous cellists Tanja Tetzlaff and Robert Cohen, incredible violinist Nemanja Radulovic and talented pianist Mackenzie Melemed.


Classical Romanticism inspires Tampere Philharmonic concerts


Tampere Philharmonic concentrates on Classical Romanticism in their concerts in upcoming spring. Concerts will include pieces from the era of Romanticism from 18th century to 20th century. From the early era symphonies and concertos are heard for example from Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Schubert. From the middle part of the era pieces are heard from famous conductors such as Johannes Brahms, Pjotr Tšaikovsky as well as Anton Bruckner and Gustav Mahler.

The end of the era is nearest to present day and the pieces from this time are more expressive and emotional. Conductors such as Igor Stravinsky, Dmitri Šostakovitš and Aram Hatšaturja have produced beautiful pieces some of which will be heard during the spring time concerts of Tampere Philharmonic.


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