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The multi-disciplinary campus in the city centre offers event space for up to 5 500 experts and specialists

  • City centre campus with event space for up to 5 500 specialists

  • Over 100 different spaces, the largest of which is the assembly hall with the capacity of 645 persons

  • The most multi-disciplinary research community in Finland

  • University community of over 35 000 students and 5 000 specialists

Tampere University and the Tampere University of Applied Sciences form the second largest university community in Finland with over 30 000 students and 5 000 specialists. The work of the University is aimed at solving the most significant challenges facing society today and creating new opportunities. The key strengths of this community are the blending of cutting-edge research with top-tier innovations, multidisciplinary learning, lifelong partnerships and unique experience with the business and public sectors. The core competencies are found in technology, health and social sciences – and combining these fields is a key strength of the Tampere university community.

Close and well-organised interaction with stakeholders and various multidisciplinary research and development platforms and programs allow for a blend of top-tier science and applied research that can then be linked to practical innovations at varying degrees of completion. Research is connected to academic and occupational training and the goals of lifelong learning and expertise by highlighting best practices that are based on research.

Flexible and individual study paths allow students to achieve deep levels of competence, mutual understanding and the capacity for understanding multidisciplinary wholes. The Tampere University campus at the city centre can offer space to up to 5 500 persons at the same time. There are over 100 spaces, the largest of which is the assembly hall with room for 645 guests. The versatile and differently-sized spaces are ideal for business and specialist events as well as conferences and celebrations. At the University, the inspiring analytical atmosphere becomes a part of each event.

What is on offer?

The city centre campus of the second largest university in Finland offers over 100 venues for events.

Did you know?

The university community consists of over 30 000 higher-degree students and nearly 5 000 specialists.

The city centre campus has teaching space for up to 5 500 people.