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The bountifullest breakfasts


Affordable breakfast places

Even the earliest of birds can get a yummy crumb or two to eat in Tampere! In Tammela district, close to Tammela market square, a versatile breakfast is served at Café Aamurusko. The morning paper and the café’s comfy couch are a good combination to start the day with.

Amidst the bustle of the main street (Hämeenkatu 26), Pub Simon offers a handy breakfast every morning between 9 am and 12 pm including coffee/tea, egg, toast, pickled cucumber, juice and fruit.

Spot a local

If you like to taste the local life, you should head towards the Market Hall (Kauppahalli) for a breakfast, where you can find many cafés. While enjoying your brekkie – maybe some oatmeal – you get a glimpse of the local atmosphere, on the corridors of the 100 year-old indoor market. If you want a deluxe breakfast, head to restaurant 4 vuodenaikaa!

The Linkosuo cafés, namely Buffet & Café on Näsilinnankatu and the legendary Siilinkari Café on the main street Hämeenkatu, offer an abundant buffet breakfast. Siilinkari Café has been in the same place since 1960 and it has been an important meeting place for the locals for generations.

Aitoleipä Café in the heart of Tampere serves breakfast between 8 am and 11 am on weekdays. A generous breakfast includes many delicacies such as Karelian pies, bacon, granolas and alternating porriges. 

Great atmopshere

On Aleksis Kiven katu, a jugend-style building hosts Kaffila, a café known for its breakfast. Their main speciality is a wide range of quality coffees and teas.

If you happen to be a history enthusiast, we can warmly recommend the breakfast in the café Amurin Helmi, where after eating you can continue to the attached Amuri Museum of Workers’ Housing, the historical quarters offering a time travel to the history of the city.

Located in the city center, at Tuomiokirkonkatu, Cafe Pyymäen Oma serves a delicious breakfast buffet for all of those looking to escape the bustle of the city for a little while. Pyymäen Oma’s breakfast takes seasons and  local producers supply into account in their selection.

Versatile selection

Fazer Café on the banks of Tammerkoski rapids offers both fresh, delicious breakfast and a first class view from the big windows! Breakfast buffet includes fresh bread, Karelian pies, smoothies, yoghurt, self-made granola, cake, and much more. This is a guaranteed good start to the day!

One of the best views of Hämeenkatu is the citizens enjoying their coffee at the tables of Pella’s Café. This European-style meeting place at the heart of the city offers breakfast during the week and they also offer vegan breakfast!

Restaurant Dabbal offers delicious breakfast, which includes omelettes with multiple fillings, fresh bread, fish dishes, refreshing salads as well as smoothies. The specialty of Dabbal is their own dish inspired by Finnish blood sausage.

Bistro-Café Hygge offers easygoing and healthy food that makes you feel good. They serve delicious breakfast and lunch prepared by professional nutritionist as well as meal and snack packages with takeaway possibilities.

Visittampere Cafe Aamurusko

Cafe Aamurusko

Tammelan puistokatu 30-32, 33100 Tampere
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Visittampere Pub Simon

Pub Simon

Hämeenkatu 26, 33200 Tampere
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Kauppahalli Laura Vanzo 17

Tampere Market Hall

Hämeenkatu 19, Tampere
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Restaurant 4 Vuodenaikaa

Tampereen Kauppahalli, Hämeenkatu, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Girl Buying Pastries At Linkosuo In Kauppahalli Laura Vanzo

Buffet & Café Linkosuo

Näsilinnankatu 26, 33200 Tampere
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Visittampere Linkosuo Cafe Siilinkari

Café Siilinkari

Hämeenkatu 9, 33100 Tampere
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Aitoleipä Keskustori

Keskustori 7, Tampere
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Visittampere Kaffila


Aleksiskivenkatu 11 C 30 Tampere
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Visit Tampere Milk And Cream For Coffee At Amurin Helmi Laura Vanzo

Café Amurin Helmi

Satakunnankatu 49, 33101 Tampere
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Visittampere Pyymaen Oma

Café Pyymäen Oma

Tuomiokirkonkatu 30, Tampere
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Visittampere Fazer Cafe Hameenkatu

Fazer Café Hämeenkatu

Hämeenkatu 15, Tampere
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Visittampere Pella's Cafe

Pella’s cafe

Hämeenkatu 14, 33100 Tampere
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Lapland Hotel Laura Vanzo 57

Kitchen & Bar Dabbal

Yliopistonkatu 44, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Cat Shaped Cream In Coffee At Cat Café Kissakahvila Laura Vanzo

Bistro-Café Hygge

Itsenäisyydenkatu 3, Tampere
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