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Are you a dare-devil? Or just looking for some new activities to put yourself or your mates to the test? There are different activities to choose from, depending on how many participants there will be and what season it is. For some, it’s already an extreme idea to venture on the lake, when it’s -15 C and you’re actually walking on ice. Or during the summer, some might experience something totally new by just going for a swim in a lake. Which ever your level of extreme is, Tampere Region will probably have just the thing for you!


At the Varala Flowpark you get to swing and pretend to be Tarzan in airy settings and great views! There are zip lines, rope bridges, liana jumps and swings to challenge yourself in. Outdoors adventure park is located in the Varala Sports Institute and it is said to be the most beautiful Flowpark in Finland: while you’re climbing around, you can also rest your eyes on the lovely views to the lake Pyhäjärvi. Climbing is also possible in Tampere region, with HighPark activity park located in Sastamala. Do you dare to take on the ropes?


On a hot summer day when sweat is just pouring out, you might want some refreshing action to cool you down – and that’s just what Tampereen vesijettivuokraamo flyboard experience can offer! The flyboard can shoot you up to 20 meters height with the power of the waterjet, while you can test your skills at dolphin dives or double somersaults. 

Bumper football

If you are visiting Tampere with a group or friends, for example getting inside a big bubble and trying to score is available for groups all year round, in the form of bumper football. Bumper football is available through  Grr8t Sports and In short, it is simply just a lot of fun, trying to run with just your legs out from a giant rubber bubble, stumbling and rolling on the ground, only to get up and continue – that is if your belly isn’t cramping yet from all the laughing.


Bet you were also planning to visit the charming observation tower on top of the Pyynikki ridge? There is a cosy café downstairs and either a lift or stairs to reach the top, from where you can rest your eyes on the view over the two lakes, the surrounding forest and the city. If you have a venturous streak, you’re in luck: you can combine the visit with abseiling down from the actual tower! It’s all organized by professionals, who will also guide you through it all. The abseiling is organized on request as well as a regular event – contact Kelo ja kallio Adventures to learn more!

Winter adventures

When there’s snow and ice here in the ”south”, you don’t have to go all the way to Lapland to join in on a safari on snowmobile or even husky-drawn sled. These activities can be found not too far from Tampere, in the city of Lempäälä at Gegwen Getaways. And if you’ve already tried walking on ice, for something totally different to finish your wintry stay off, how about some curling on natural ice? Ask Hiking Travel for more information and join in on the fun!


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