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Tour skating has become quite a popular winter activity in the recent years, and it’s no wonder really –  skating on natural ice in beautiful lake scenery is a great way to enjoy a sunny winter day!

Tohloppi tour skating track

There is a possibility to tourskate on natural ice on lake Tohloppijärvi in Tohloppi district of Tampere. The lake is pretty safe from ghastly winds and other elements, and you can also find a café and a tour skate rental in Tohloppi. The rental shop is open every day and the café on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the skating season. Throughout the season, there are also several events organized on the track, such as the Tohloppi tour skating candlelight event. If you need to warm up after the skating, there’s also a sauna by the same lake!

Näsijärvi tour skating track

On a beautiful winter’s day, pretty much nothing can beat tour skating on lake Näsijärvi. When the ice is thick enough there will be a skating track ploughed on the lake, with a possibility to enjoy refreshments and a bite to eat out in the open air on many winter days. You can rent tour skates from Hiking Travel’s rental shop at Bikini Bar. You can read more about tour skating on lake Näsijärvi here.

Saarikylät village in Kangasala

Skating on natural ice with rental equipment is available also in the idyllic lakeside setting of Saarikylät village in Kangasala, a neighbouring town to Tampere. The track is about three kilometers long and it’s free for all skaters for the whole winter season. You can skate the track which way you like, and no one will judge your style either. Best place to start skating is from the address Saarikylientie 888, where you can also rent tour skates.

Ice rinks

You can also go ice skating during the public hours at the ice rinks (e.g. in Koulukatu, in Pyynikki area) and if you are romantic by nature, you can head out to the occasionally organized rousette skating events or the idyllic ice rink at the Emil Aaltonen park, in Tammela district. In Sorsapuisto, near Tampere Hall there is also a ice rink.

You can find all the ice rinks in Tampere in here (in Finnish).

You can check the condition of the ice rinks here! (in Finnish)