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There is a 27-hectare nature reserve by Lake Ruutanajärvi. The Ruutana nature trail starts from the parking area located at the end of the Haukankatu street. The total length of the easy route is about four kilometres, and it is marked with signs. Many different types of nature can be admired along the trail. Halfway through, there is a maintained campfire site on the shore of Lake Ruutanajärvi.

At the beginning of the trail, there are coniferous forests with rich grass-herb vegetation and dry heath forests. Closer to the Ruutana nature reserve and Lake Ruutanajärvi, the landscape turns into a lush grove with beautiful hazels. Enormous ostrich ferns grow along the brook flowing south from Lake Ruutananjärvi, with plants like lungwort and mezereon adding a touch of colour to the landscape in the spring.

The bird species living in the grove include tawny owl and nutcracker, which is dependent on the hazels. On the way to the top of the Ruutananvuori rock, one of the highest points in Nokia, the impact of the ice age is visible in the large clusters of boulders. There are several huge erratic boulders scattered across the area.

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