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World class events,
seasoned professionals

Everything works – guaranteed

  • Everything from transit routes to internet connections works smoothly
  • Finland provides a safe and reliable environment for hosting events
  • Thanks to seamless co-operation and information transfer between operators everything goes according to plan
  • Challenges are anticipated and met head-on without paralysis
  • Time is not wasted on the wrong things, which means you can focus on event planning

International atmosphere with the heart of a small town

Tampere is a lively city that follows the times while its history is still visible in the old factory milieu at the heart of the city. The surrounding lakes and forests make it possible to enjoy nature right by city centre. A diverse offering of museums, galleries, clubs and sports and outdoor activities ensures that there is plenty to do and experience throughout the year. Families are sure to be especially entertained by the Särkänniemi amusement park and the only Moomin Museum in the world. Finland’s third largest city offers a safe and stable environment where inspirational events can truly come alive.


The number one domestic tourism destination for Finns
The sixth largest urban area in the Nordic countries

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