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Lobby Club

Tampere Hall´s open-stage Lobby Club offers a venue, technology and spotlight to local speakers, as well as to exponents of art and culture who have yet to perform at Tampere Hall. The Lobby Club takes place three evenings a week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – before our main concerts.

Entrance free!

The Lobby Club is not a concert. You can eat, drink, talk, move around and enjoy the evening!

Time and Place: 17:30 in the Main Lobby.

5.9. In concert: Teekkarikuoro. A choir of Tampere University graduate engineers display their skills in a unique a cappella concert.

10.9. Tampere University Singers

12.9. In concert: Tampere Music Academy. Young violin virtuosos from Tampere Conservatoire perform iconic pieces of classical music.

18.9. ANNA = KAISA

19.9. In concert: Pirkanmaa Music Institute

24.9. Lobby Club science forum – The top earners.

1.10. A Gathering of Associations. The day is all about the various local associations and the volunteers behind them. This special lobby club starts at 15:00.

3.10. A cappella group Hyvät Naiset ja Herrat

9.10. In concert: Pirkanmaa Music Institute

10.10. Duo MILA. Their own heartfelt compositions take in jazz and soul, with a sprinkling of delightful pop hooks.

16.10. Tampere University Singers choir perform their own a cappella versions of well-known pop songs.

17.10. Lady Nana and the Band (blues and jazz band)

29.10. Lobby Club science forum – After the Truth. The Lobby Club science forum is a space for science and nonfiction books and their authors. October’s guest is Christer Lindholm, author of the book Totuudenjälkeinen talouspolitiikka (post-truth economic politics), which is a study of economic politics in the modern era.

30.10. In concert: Tampere Music Academy

31.10. Kaide Luukkonen & Lupaus (psychedelic-rock band)

12.11. Valtteri Lipasti

13.11. Dance Off Tampere, a dance display of the many forms and styles of modern dance and street dance

14.11. Mihrimah. The Mihrimah dance group brings a display of the music, costumes and dance of the Orient to the Lobby Club.

19.11. In concert: Tampere Music Academy

20.11. Mr. Jones and Me (acoustic soul duo)

21.11. In concert: Tampere Music Academy. Young violin virtuosos from Tampere Conservatoire.

29.10. Lobby Club science forum – Quanta of the World. November’s guest is Arto Annila, author of the book Kaiken maailman kvantit, a study of the photons (light quanta) that exist everywhere in the universe.

27.11. Valkeakoski Music School in concert. Students at Valkeakoski Music School perform classical chamber music.

28.11. Daddy and the Dawgs. The local bluegrass, country and folk music phenomenon that is Daddy and the Dawgs perform a set full of original material in their Lobby Club appearance.

3.12. Tampereen naisvoimistelijat ry presents: Ikivireät dance group. Tampere women’s gymnastics association’s own dance group perform in the Lobby.

4.12. KQ Groove

5.12. In concert: Pirkanmaa Music Institute

10.12. Peter Joukainen trio. Peter Joukainen, a local folk and gospel musician, brings his pop-rock trio ensemble to the Lobby Club.

11.12. In concert: TAMK. Music students at Tampere polytechnic perform a wide range of popular and classical music.

12.12. In concert: Tampere Music Academy

17.12. Lobby Club science forum – Portrait of an Intellectual. December’s topic is the late professor Antti Eskola, and his body of work will be discussed by the authors of his biography Intellektuellin muotokuva.

18.12. In concert: Tampere Music Academy

05.09.2019 17:30-18:30
10.09.2019 17:30-18:30
12.09.2019 17:30-18:30
18.09.2019 18:30-19:30
19.09.2019 17:30-18:30
24.09.2019 17:30-18:30
01.10.2019 15:00-18:30
03.10.2019 17:30-18:30
10.10.2019 17:45-18:45
16.10.2019 17:30-18:30
17.10.2019 18:30-19:30
29.10.2019 17:30-18:30
30.10.2019 17:30-18:30
31.10.2019 17:45-18:45
12.11.2019 17:45-18:45
13.11.2019 17:30-18:30
14.11.2019 17:45-18:45
19.11.2019 17:30-18:30
20.11.2019 17:30-18:30
21.11.2019 17:30-18:30
26.11.2019 17:30-18:30
27.11.2019 17:30-18:30
28.11.2019 17:45-18:45
03.12.2019 17:45-18:45
04.12.2019 17:45-18:45
05.12.2019 17:30-18:30
10.12.2019 17:45-18:45
11.12.2019 17:30-18:30
12.12.2019 17:30-18:30
17.12.2019 17:30-18:30
18.12.2019 17:30-18:30
Yliopistonkatu 55, Tampere

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