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Emerging with a bang as one of Finland’s most promising new rock bands, Bad Sauna is a refreshing indie rock band. Their music blends Finnish melancholy, the energy of American alternative rock, a cheerful punk-inspired “do it yourself” attitude, occasional delightful “carefree” vibes, and an awareness of the world around them. The band’s music reminds us of life’s everyday joys, emotional roller coasters, and the importance of letting loose sometimes.


With their debut EP in 2021, moshimoshi quickly gained international recognition and rose as one of Finland’s most promising new guitar bands. hailing from Helsinki, moshimoshi is a new band heavily influenced by the emo scene, combining melodic indie pop, mathematically precise jazz elements, and raw emotion drawn from punk.


A power trio from Tampere playing straightforward rock.

9:00 PM Kot-kat
10:00 PM Moshimoshi
11:00 PM Bad Sauna