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Creepy Carnival in Särkänniemi

The scariest fun event if the autumn will happen at Särkänniemi!

Särkänniemi’s Creepy Carnival draws inspiration from the exotic carnival culture and the atmosphere of the evening funfairs. In October also you can experience the lit up rides of the Särkääniemi amusement park in the darker time of year. Creepy Carnival is perfect fun for both kids and adults!

12.10.2019-13.10.2019 13:00-21:00
15.10.2019-19.10.2019 13:00-21:00
13 Laiturikatu

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Creepy Carnival in Särkänniemi

12.10.2019-13.10.2019 13:00-21:00
13 Laiturikatu