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Tampere Tuomiokirkko will present the world-famous Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the Missa Solemnis composed by his father Leopold Mozart in the same concert for the first time in Finland. Harjun Kamarikuoro from Tampere will perform at the concert together with the Finnish Baroque Orchestra (FiBO) and top Finnish soloists.

– Light is always present at the Soul Mass. It always ends in light, even in paradise, describes Heikki Liimola, the main choir conductor of the concert.

Harjun Kamarikuoro
Finnish baroque orchestra FiBO
Solo soprano Silja Aalto, mezzo-soprano Maiju Vaahtoluoto, tenor Juho Punkeri, baritone Arttu Kataja
Led by Heikki Liimola

Tickets from Tiketti and at the door one hour before the concert.