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Finnish Craft & Design Fair

Finnish Craft and Design Fair is the most anticipated craft and design event of the year within Finland and all of Europe.


Finnish Craft and Design Fair was planned to be held on 13–15 November 2020, but the event will be postponed by a year and will be held on 12–14 November 2021. Year 2020 the event is held virtually.

The Finnish Craft & Design fair is the largest handicrafts and applied arts industry fair in Europe, which brings over 700 exhibitors and around 50,000 visitors to Tampere annually. There will be ready-made design and crafts products made in Finland, including clothes, accessories, home utensils and decorations, post cards and candles. Also a vast collection of materials for knitting, sewing and creating your own designs as well as craft machines and equipment.

The Finnish Craft & Design fair is hosted by Tampere Trade Fairs and Taito Pirkanmaa ry.




Tampereen Messu- ja Urheilukeskus, Ilmailunkatu, Tampere