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On June 11, the sauna water marathon begins as part of the Finnish Sauna Day celebrations. In the traditional historic sauna of Rajaportti, located in Tampere’s Pispala district between the two lakes Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi, water is ceremonially drawn from one of the nearby lakes and brought to Germany. The Rajaportti sauna is an ideal starting point for the sauna water marathon: it is the oldest public sauna in Finland that is still in operation today and is open to all sauna lovers.

Sauna water travels from Tampere to Helsinki, from where Finnlines brings the water by ship to Travemünde, and from there the water is transported on foot, by bicycle, horse, train, car or other means of transport to Stuttgart.

In addition to this, there’s live music, cafeteria is open and saunas are warm from 2pm to 10pm. Welcome!

You can also follow the live stream from this link from 3 to 4pm.