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During the dimming autumn and winter evenings, on the Kuusvooninkinen wall of Väinö Linna Square, you can witness changing light art installations. Väinö Linna Square will come alive during the upcoming dark season with monthly rotating light-themed video artworks, visible after twilight until 10 PM every night.

As a result of an open call organized by the Finnish Light Art Society FLASH ry, a series of five video artworks have been curated for the public to see from September to November and from January to February. The artworks will not be visible in December.

The selection of artworks has been carried out in collaboration with representatives from Varma, who manage the area.

This series of video artworks projected onto the outer wall of Kuusvooninkinen marks the starting point for the collaboration between the Finnish Light Art Society FLASH ry and the Finlayson area, continuing with the FLASH4 Light Art Biennial in the autumn of 2024.

Here are the light artworks:

September 2023: Arttu Nieminen: Revelation The tone of light, long shadows painted by the setting sun, and reflections lead you to the mountain birch, by a small spring, in the shadow of the mountains.

October 2023: Hannu Huhtamo: Eutierria A typical forest transforms into a stage for images arising from the subconscious, moving between the world of dreams and reality.

November 2023: Anna Björklund: Light Beings Videos captured with pinhole cameras depict light as a three-dimensional living entity.

January 2024: Sampsa Pirtola: III III is part of a five-piece artwork that explores the essence of light and its conceptual shadow.

February 2024: Juan Kasari: Absence III Kasari’s abstract work combines elements of light and space in an ever-changing composition.