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The Helsinki Synth City, renowned since 2019, arrives in Tampere for the first time and will perform at restaurant Laterna!

Get ready for a high-quality synthwave night featuring the leading Helsinki-based artists Starforce, Levinsky, and Millennium Falck.

Starforce is a long-time “OG” synthwave artist who has been producing music since 2013 and has collaborated with globally renowned genre legends such as Danish Dynatron and French Perturbator. Starforce’s dynamic, space-themed synthwave takes its listeners beyond the galaxy. Expect rocket-like energy and a gripping sci-fi atmosphere!

Levinsky offers an intense array of dark-toned post-synthwave, drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources including progressive rock and film music. Levinsky breaks genre boundaries with impeccable style, and their layered melodies and themes captivate listeners. Levinsky will release their third studio album, “Fathoms,” this year, and the audience can expect to hear new material from the upcoming record at the show. If synthwave were made by Dario Argento or Nicholas Winding Refn, it would sound like this!

Millennium Falck, a time-traveling visitor from Neo Helsinki in the year 2080, breaks temporal boundaries with their musical production. This artist combines synthwave and future funk genres in a way that has led listeners to describe their sound as the unholy child of David Hasselhoff and Daft Punk. Millennium Falck’s music transports listeners through the ages to a whole new crest of waves. From their latest album, “Blades of Gold,” they offer tracks that are simultaneously futuristic and nostalgic. Get ready for a music journey filled with the atmosphere and energy of the year 2080.

DJ Benjamin Risto Uuno will keep the audience dancing before and after the performances.

Laterna does not take table reservations. The restaurant has both seating and standing room.

Tickets at the door: €16.