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The theme of the spectacular ice sculpture trail this year is the secrets of the forest, and it contains dozens of wonderful ice sculptures decorated with colored lights.

The popular trail was opened despite the challenging weather conditions at the beginning of the year, and the works await visitors. However, you should visit the sculptures as soon as possible before they melt away. The trail is maintained by the Sports Club Ikurin Vire from Tampere. The sports club provides information about the ice sculpture trail on their website, where you can check if the trail is open before visiting. Please note that the trail’s terrain is uneven and possibly slippery. The ice sculptures can be admired until the weather melts the ice.

The sculpture trail is located in the residential area of ​​Ikuri, where there are limited parking options. However, you can easily get there with Nysse bus lines 8 and 13.

Photo is from 2019 Ikurin Vire ice sculpture trail.