A night in Ireland - Eala Friends - Visit Tampere

A night in Ireland – Eala Friends

Enjoy a jolly evening the Irish way! All night’s programme includes dining, music and dance performances as well as spontaneous jamming! The show is taken care of by the band Eala and its guests, with master of ceremonies Frank Boyle.

Antti Havia, viulin, busuki, banjo, guitar, vocal
Jyrki Koivisto, guitar, busuki, mandolin, vocal
Maija Koskenalusta, flute, pennywhistle, vocal
Noora Karjalainen, bodhrán, pennywhistle, vocal

Doors open at 6pm, please arrive before 7pm so everyone can enjoy dinner. The program start by 8pm and the veening carries on jamming until close to midnight. Welcome!

Menu (included in the ticket proce)
Chicken skewers marinated in beer
Lamb meatballs
Roast potato
Whiskey dip sauce
Irish Brown Bread

19.05.2018 19:00-23:59
Hallituskatu 19, Tampere