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Jukola Relay

The Jukola relay is the biggest sports event in Finland and the world’s biggest relay competition in orienteering.


In 2019 will take place the 71st Jukola relay and the 42nd Venla relay. In total of two relay competitions will be sent about 20 000 orienteers to forests of Kangasala.


The weekend of Jukola relay will start on Saturday afternoon with the Venla relay, which will be ran in four-member teams. The Jukola relay starts close to midnight on Saturday evening when the Sun has set. The relay is ran through seven legs and the last man will finish early on Sunday morning.


In the Venla relay the teams will be compiled only from four women, in the Jukola relay can start men as well as women. In the both relays is set age limit – competitors must be at least 15 years old. There is no competition licence needed for participating and teams can be compiled from colleagues at work, relatives or friends.


Jukola Relay is a good-spirited event for the whole family – even if you know nothing about orienteering! There will be lots of programme, such as dance and music performances, and the whole Competition Center area is like a little city. There’s the Children’s World with loads of fun for kids, the Trail of Silence to relax in, and the famous Jukola sauna, open for everyone! The entry to the Competition Center is free of charge.




08:00 Competition Information center opens
12:45 Opening ceremony and raising of the Jukola flag
12:45 Sign-in for Venla relay opens
14:00 Start of the Venla relay
17:00 Winning team of the Venla relay finishes
18:30 The Venla relay changeover closes
18:45 The Venla Relay mass start
19:00 Jukola ceremony and the Venla Relay prize giving ceremony
21:00 Evening prayer on the stage
21:45 Sign-in for Jukola relay opens
22:30 The finish line of the Venla Relay closes
23:00 Start of the Jukola relay
23:06 Sun sets



03:41 Sun rises
06:46 Winning team of the Jukola relay finishes. The winning team reads the message of the Jukola relay
08:45 The Jukola relay changeover closes
09:00 The re-start for leg 7
09:30 The re-starts for legs 2-6
09:30 Returning of maps at the competition information center
09:40 The Jukola relay prize giving ceremony and handing over of the Jukola flag
15:00 The finish line of the Jukola relay closes
16:00 Competition Centre and info closes


Photos: Antti Harkko


15.06.2019-16.06.2019 12:45-16:00
Heponiementie 73, Kangasala

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